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Health clinic approval damages trust with local faith community

An open letter to the Del Norte County Unified District Board: I have analyzed the proposed Memorandum of Understanding between the school district and the Open Door Clinic. I am dismayed by the provisions embedded in the policies of the clinic, despite the highlighted disclaimer on the first page of the MOU that abortion services will not be provided at Two Trees.

Your disclaimer will not prevent the dissemination of abortion information or services to the teens (aka, minor children) who use the clinic. The clinic will operate within its own charter (not yours), as you provide in Section 4 of the proposed agreement. Their rules include providing services to minor children for "Pregnancy. Contraception. Abortion. Emergency Medical Services. Sexual Assault Services" etc. Minor children "of any age" may sign a consent form for any of these services. Parental notification or consent is not required. And that is reprehensible.

There is no statutory requirement for this clinic to be on school

property. The $540 per month lease payments speak to the fact that you

want this clinic on school property no matter what concerned citizens

may say. To bind the school district officially and monetarily to a

clinic that provides things the community has resisted for years (eg.,

abortion "counseling" services and assistance and free contraception) is

a travesty. Please rescind this Memorandum of Understanding with the

Open Door Clinic.

Two of my children graduated from DNHS, one of them a valedictorian

of her class, the other nearly so. Had this clinic been on school

grounds during their high school years, my wife and I would have found

alternative schooling for them. And we would not have been alone. School

Board, it is now apparent that you have seriously damaged trust between

parents and families and their local school district, particularly

those within the faith community in Del Norte County. However, it is

never too late to overturn a bad decision.


Rev. Dr. Russell Green,

Pelican Bay Evangelical Free Church

Crescent City

Editor's note: While there is currently no clinic on school

district property, the state laws governing provision of services and

parental notification requirements at the proposed location are the same

as those governing the current clinic operation.