Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Kudos to high school for its 'Alice in Wonderland' production

Again I am pleased to let all know I attended Del Norte High School's production of "Alice in Wonderland," and it was great.

I wish to give my granddaughter and the others kudos. This means the behind-the-scenes crews for doing such a great job. The drama teacher should be very pleased with her students.

I am looking forward to many more plays to come.

Thank you again for giving us such a fine performance.

Mary Thiessen

Crescent City

Leaders reward special interests while punishing schools, parks

Assemblyman Wesley Chesbro, D-Arcata, and state Senator Noreen Evans,

D-Santa Rosa, have expressed dismay that the Republicans are holding

Gov. Brown's budget plan hostage. They say that they will have to

consider an "all-cuts budget."

You are damn right they will! One problem is instead of cutting

spending and not buying new cars for themselves, as the governor

suggested, they said no. I guess they are too important to drive old

cars. I would love to have a new car, but I know I can't afford it.

They could put a cap on spending, or look at pension reform, or how

about getting rid of a whole lot of overpaid commissions and

commissioners? Oh no, can't do that, how will they repay their


No, they would rather punish the voters who are fed up with them and

with their bowing to special interest groups. After all, it's the

special interest groups and the unions that contribute to their

re-election. They would rather punish us and threaten us with cuts to

education, with closing state parks and massive lay offs.

Our state government, and the federal government for that matter, need

to realize that the party is over, and they need to tighten their belts,

just as they expect us to. "We the People" are fed up with tax and


Virginia Walworth

Crescent City

Thanks to Art Scene coverage of Pistol River Concert Assn. events

As the president of the Pistol River Concert Association, I would like

to thank Holly Austin and the Triplicate for including our shows in the

Art Scene feature in the paper.

Quite a few of our members and guests live in the Crescent City area and

learn about our shows through Art Scene and the Triplicate. We

appreciate your support.

Philip Smith

Pistol River Concert Association