Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Boat owner thanks all those whohelped to raise sunken KodiakI wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of those who stopped to express their hopes of recovery to me when the FV Kodiak was sunk in the harbor March 11.

Although a valiant attempt was made by the recovery team and the Coast Guard, she was found to have too much damage to be recovered and had to be destroyed.

I cannot thank the divers, the riggers and the crane operator as well as all of the Coast Guard who struggled for as long as they could for the chance that she could be saved. It just wasn't meant to be.

I do hope that those who are "citizens of the harbor" will continue the struggle to recover and that the Crescent City Harbor will live again.

Mike Garfield

FV Kodiak (retired)

Smith River

With a little enterprise, sewageplant can help pay for growthLocal problems, local solutions. Let's take care of it ourselves. We have all read many stories in The Triplicate about the problems with our sewage treatment plant, be it the cost of the renovation, the problem with growth actually paying for the growth of the plant, and of course not doing any upkeep on the plant.

Now if you have been listening closely there is another, even larger problem that we tried to take care of (not to much avail it seems) and now seem to be ignoring! This is the inflow and infiltration problem. This has been a real problem for the plant all along.

It seems that our plant was working fine, but when the rains got heavy all that rain and ground water would get into our pipes and the effluent at the sewage treatment plant would rise at up to eight times the normal rate and would overburden the plant. Then we would end up getting fined for not being able to handle that water at once.

Well, we now have a great plant with a lot more capacity (hook-ups) but we still have the problem of all this rain and groundwater. Our plant isn't only plagued by this problem though, many in our community still use septic tanks and they also find themselves at the mercy of the inflow and infiltration problem.

Right now these people must have their tanks pumped out and pay for it to be trucked to Oregon. If we would put in two large tanks we could use them for the storage of this septic and overflow situations that would be a savings for locals and a moneymaker for the city.

This could be one way that growth pays for growth and also give us a margin of safety to work with and help with our own continuing inflow and infiltration problem.

Jesse Salisbury

Crescent City

Responses show why studentsfeel entitled to extracurricularsClif Shepard's March 29 letter sparked three letters rebutting his comments on the School Board meeting of Mar. 24.He reported observing that a preponderance of speakers were students imploring the board not to cut their extracurricular programs, which were their motivation for attending school and lacking that some of them would be claimed by psycho-social behavior, e.g., drugs. His subsequent remarks questioning their motivations included where did they acquire the attitude that they have an absolute right to art, music, sports programs which are extensions to an academic education.

The answer to that question was not long in coming. On March 30 Lori Clay wrote: "my daughter is also an athlete and enjoys competitive sports ... I am not against paying extra for these programs ... but it seems if I am being forced to pay taxes for a public education she should have the right to the classes she needs to obtain a higher education." But does Mr. Shepard's right not to support such programs with his taxes have validity? What part does athletics (for example) play in acquiring a higher education? And, yes, if Ms. Clay (and her like-minded supporters) wish to pay extra for such classes, who could quarrel with that?

On April 1, Michael Tompkins wrote that he believes students should be give the opportunity to fully explore their gifts and talents through the kinds of programs that only a "deep-pocket funding resource like our taxes can provide." I'm okay with that so long as they are his pockets and not mine. Unfortunately, the pooling of taxes does not allow that separation. As to that, he stated that he sees no difference between that pooling of tax money for the benefit of himself and his neighbors and a good old-fashioned barn-raising. Considering that he was addressing Mr Shepard's remark regarding the comparison to a socialist system, it does seem unclear how he equates a barn raising to socialism.

Also on April 1, Barry Wendell states among other things that Mr. Shepard's letter isn't the first in The Triplicate to suggest that students don't deserve the best public schools. I fail to read that in his letter. His primary focus (as I see it) was on the attitudes of the students as regards the non-academic subjects and their expression that they were in attendance exclusively for those programs. It seems we now know where those attitudes come from.

Dale L.Bohling

Crescent City

Don't forget Youth and Family Fairis Saturday at the fairgroundsApril is Child Abuse Prevention Month. This is the time we celebrate children.

One of the ways in which we do this in Del Norte County is the Youth and Family Fair. This Saturday, April 9, will be the 11th annual event. The theme of this year's Youth and Family Fair is "Growing Strong Families - Rooted in Culture."

It's all free, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. It includes face-painting,craft projects, a petting zoo, roller skating and many other activities.

I would like to thank the Del Norte Child Abuse Prevention Council for sponsoring the event. Many people and agencies get together months in advance to plan this amazing event.

I will miss it this year as my daughter is getting married on the same day. I look forward to reading about it in the paper though.

Benita Cabrera

Crescent City

Thanks to Hambro for helpingout local feline organizationsOn behalf of the Purple Cat Thrift Shop and Wild Feline Rescue, I would like to thank Hambro Forest Products Inc. for making it possible for Vance Street, in front of our store, to be graded.

We have already gotten lots of positive comments from our customers.

Katie Berkowitz, president

Wild Feline Rescue

Clinic decision shows Boardmembers care about the youngI wanted to thank the Del Norte Unified School District Board members for their concern for the health of the young people in our county.

Relocating the health center closer to the students that may need to partake of services provided is a wise move.

Joanna Hawley-Jones

Crescent City