Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Ignorance of sexual health has number of consequences

The Del Norte County Unified School District Board wisely permitted a new teen health clinic next to the high school campus.

I attended the board session on the proposal and listened to those for and against this clinic. It seems that someone stirred up the strident anti-abortion people to campaign against the clinic. In favor of the clinic were the teens to be served by the clinic as well as many others, including those who work with our youth and with the consequences of teen pregnancies. Ignorance of sexual health has consequences including disease and death, teen parenthood and forced marriage, and even abortion.

Russell Green, pastor of the Pelican Bay Evangelical Free Church, wrote opposing the clinic ("Health clinic approval damages trust with local faith community," March 31). While he may be against abortion; he does not speak for all in this county. Nor does he even speak for all of the "faith community."

John Mertes

Crescent City

Nobody wishes to destroy National Public Radio and PBS

Regarding Richard Olive's letter ("Doom the child, doom the

adult: Don't destroy PBS and NPR"), I also salute what you refer to as

"Big Bird and friends who have brought semi-literacy to so many of us."

It's sad that they failed to teach the value of fact-telling as well.

Nobody wishes to "destroy National Public Radio" as you claim.

Congressional efforts to stop the flow of scarce taxpayer dollars to the

NPR and the Public Broadcasting System pork barrels are designed to

level the playing field for all broadcasters using the people's


If neither NPR nor PBS can survive without public dole, it is a clear

indication that public interest (donations, private grants, advertiser

loyalty, etc.) is insufficient to keep them afloat. In a free country we

all get to vote with our ballots, our dollars, our feet and with our TV

and radio channel and station selections.

On behalf of fact-telling, it may be instructive that "Sesame

Street's" revenue from just licensing and merchandising sales exceeded

$16 million in 2008 - without our tax dollars!

Aaron Funk


A nuclear weapons ban can bring positive results

Discouraging use and possession of nuclear weapons is advantageous

for improving national security. It needs to be considered very

carefully. New Start II (New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) is

certainly a positive step forward. It works toward reducing nuclear

stockpiles and creates new U.S./Russian relations based on trust. Ike's

warning, "beware of the military industrial complex," needs to be taken


Nuclear weapons are overly destructive. A ban can bring positive

results such as encouraging additional communication based upon trust

and goodwill. Establishment of responsible, preventative measures helps

to ensure safety and understanding centered on peace. Further efforts

are still needed. Prevention of catastrophe makes good sense.

The U.S. stance regarding the future of nuclear weapons influences

other parts of the world toward making a conscientious decision for

people's safety and welfare. Not to mention putting money into more

worthwhile constructive areas. Peace is not only a psychological state

but a necessary component of a healthy world population.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Roger W. Galbraith, USN

Crescent City