Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

Why is Deputy Garcia still being paid when he has pleaded guilty?

In response to the April 9 article, "Garcia gets year in plea deal; sheriff's deputy still being paid while on leave," I have one question. Is everyone else in this county asking, what the hell?

I have a very good understanding of the Police Officer Bill of Rights, Fair Employment Act and other protections afforded to the employed peace officer, but give me a break. I wonder how the man or woman feels who lost a job due to budget problems, the economy, etc., after reading that. Or the guy that's working two jobs just to put food on the table for his family.

What's next? Are they going to give him his job back when he gets out of jail? Maybe the county Board of Supervisors will have a meeting on that too. Hopefully, they're not paying him while they think about it.

Rick Barry

Crescent City

Local media outlets should do a better job showing A's games

Why do the local media outlets have it in for the Oakland A's? Charter

Cable doesn't even carry the Oakland A's anymore in Del Norte County,

and KPOD doesn't always have the games live.

KPOD would rather run a repeat of Glenn Beck than have the Oakland A's

on live. Everybody knows that Glenn Beck has been ripping off Alex Jones

for a long time now. Rolling Stone magazine even did an article on that


KPOD even advertises the fact that they have the Oakland A's games on

live. They might have the games on live about 50 percent of the time if


People can actually listen to the Oakland A's games live on 1340 AM

KATA. They can watch the Oakland A's on the Major League Baseball

website and they can also listen to the Oakland A's on satellite radio.

KPOD should have Glenn Beck on 24 hours a day and it should change its

name and call itself the Glenn Beck Radio Network. This would make all

the sense in the world because people can already listen to Rush

Limbaugh and Sean Hannity on KINS.

Joe Thomas


Financial crisis exists due to U.S. trying to maintain a world empire

It appears that just about all our leaders from the president to the

Republicans to corporate Democrats like Diane Feinstein are telling us

that the only way to bring government spending into line with revenue is

to drastically cut services to the poor and working class. Not just

Medicare but also Social Security are targeted for deep cuts; that means

more of the cost of health care and retirement placed on the backs of

working people and retirees.

The corporate media parrots these claims, creating a drumbeat for

placing the burden for balancing the budget on the poor, working folks

and retirees.

These politicians and corporate shills don't want the American people to

realize that the financial crisis exists because the U.S. is struggling

to maintain a world empire even as our economic and financial dominance

are waning worldwide. As President Obama admits in his war and budget

speeches, military spending is basically off the table. Symbolic cuts -

to be achieved by cutting waste - are all the President is willing to

give from the military budget; House Republicans don't cut military

spending at all.

The U.S. now spends more on its military than the rest of the world

combined, but the empire we are paying to protect is not an American

empire. We protect a world economic order that serves the interests not

of the American people and our defense, but rather of global

corporations. The European Union, India, Brazil and even China benefit

from U.S. worldwide military dominance and we, American taxpayers, foot

the bill. We pay in order to keep Wall Street the dominant player in the

global economy.

The American people - and especially the poor, working people and

retirees - are bearing the cost of various wars while Congress and the

Obama administration support maintaining corporate tax breaks and


In other words, It is not Social Security, Medicare or the safety net

that is bankrupting this country. it's the empire, stupid!

The global corporate elite and those who serve them in our government

are counting on the American People to grin, bear it and return to their

electronic gadgets. They believe we do not have the appetite for

revolt, so they keep squeezing.

How much are you willing to take?

Felice Pace


Thanks to a wonderful community for always being so generous

Sometimes we get so busy with life that we put our thank-yous on the

back burner.

There are a number of people I'd like to recognize for their kindness

and generosity. Thanks to Dr Martello, my Finley boy is still able to

get our newspaper every morning. Thank you for giving us extra time with


Tatia and her staff at the Klamath River Cafandeacute; found and returned my

brand-new cell phone, thank you!

Crivelli's Bar, the Methodist Church, and the Yurok Housing Authority

here in Klamath opened their doors early morning the day of the tsunami

for people in need.

At Crivelli's a kind-hearted neighbor made pancakes. The Methodist

Church served a healthy pasta dish. The Red Cross supplied breakfast at

the Housing Authority, and I and a neighbor with the help of her kids

helped cook bacon, potatoes, and eggs.

Chuck Hartwick was there in spirit, (he had been on so many previous

disasters with the Red Cross and helped KFPD on numerous occasions). He

will always be remembered for his outstanding service, his loyalty to

family and friends, and his wealth of knowledge in first aid.

Lunch was brought by this nice lady (Mama Bear) and her family.

My thank-you is to a wonderful community for opening its doors and being

so generous.

Linda Witvoet


Children are our future and they should be considered, respected

John Adams, one of the founding fathers, said, "I must study politics

and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and

philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy,

geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce,

and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study

painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and


So I would ask Clif Shepard, writer of the April 6 letter, "School

extracurricular programs should not be our highest priority," is John

Adams wrong to want to educate our children with the extras?

The government makes our children go to school, so it should just be the

basics? We are all in this together and the more negative you write

about our children, the more resentful they feel. Do you have any idea

how difficult it is for some of those kids to get up and share the pain

it would cause to not have music, or drama, FFA, auto shop, wood shop,

all the extras?

For the people who did not attend the budget meeting, some of our

children stood up and shed tears. The old saying "children should be

seen and not heard" is wrong. They are our future and they have voices,

and it took a lot to stand up and say what they are feeling.

Maybe, we all should be angry at companies that make billions of dollars

and pay no taxes, but received a refund from our government. Mr.

Shepard, attack these companies. Our kids are already becoming


Anna Porter

Crescent City