Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Being an organ donor can bring the gift of life to so many others

Are you aware April is Donate Life Month? Did you know there are over 100,000 people (children, young adults, middle age and older, male, female) waiting for that gift of life?

Thirty percent will die waiting. Why? Not enough donors!

When it's time to leave this earth and return to God, we leave behind our body that housed our soul and still contains the organs that can give the gift of life to others.

On June 12, 2010, a young woman's spirit returned to God and she gave that gift to others. I was blessed by God and her gift and given a second breath when I became the recipient of a double lung transplant at UCSF.

After several hours in surgery, I awoke in recovery June 13, 2010. It

was to be a long road home, but a wonderful blessed trip.

April 12 of last year may have found me bedridden in the hospital

(not local) and a doctor telling me I needed to get a do not resuscitate

order. However, my doctors and UCSF did not give up and because of them

and their determination and that wonderful gift of life, my birthday,

April 13, was not be spent in bed or having passed. Rather I was out and

about walking and encouraging others to give that gift and raising


I am a part of the UCSF family and now belong to its research program

for lung disease in hopes that I can make a difference and give the

gift of life to someone else.

Please consider giving the gift of life and may God bless you!

Catherine "Cat" Knutson

Crescent City

No words to explain grief in the poisoning of a beloved canine

On Sunday, April 10, Luna passed away with systemic organ failure,

following a malicious poisoning a few days prior.

Someone who would do this kind of act is a cruel, malicious and evil

scourge. It is beyond all reason that someone would attack an innocent

and beautiful being this way, and to also harm us by killing our best

friend and companion.

For those of you reading this who knew Luna, will remember her

joyfulness and loving heart. She was loved by all. Luna came to us as a

rescue dog in 2003, and instantly became part of our family. She loved

life, and being a part of everything we did. She was so thankful to be

here as we were to have her beautiful spirit brightening every day with

joyfulness and her abiding love.

There are no words to express the grief we feel for her loss. Every

once in awhile a rare being becomes part of one's life, whether a human

or animal companion; one that brings goodness and light, and is a great


And so we are left with the memories of Luna, and everywhere she

walked and played, slept and shared our lives. The places in the garden

where we would be together cultivating and working the soil and caring

for the plants.

She loved the beaches, rivers, hiking, people and most of all the

life we shared together. On a difficult day she was always there,

steady, constant and loving, reminding us of joy and being present. That

is indeed a spiritual gift. I often called her the "angel in a dog

suit," for she was a great being of a higher consciousness.

Our family will miss her greatly and never forget her. Our hearts are

broken. Namaste Luna, thank you for gracing our life with so much

love. We will always remember you.

Shelley Sovola

Brookings, Ore.

Crescent City survived the 1964 tsunami and it will survive again

Thank you for your coverage on the damage done to the harbor and the

fishing boats in Crescent City.

I lived in Crescent City from 1963 to 1985 and have seen not only the

boat basin being built, but have seen the many boats ride high upon the

water, proudly providing not only a living to some, but also an

enjoyment to others.

To see the remains of these boats brought to the surface is sad for

all who remember them when they were working fishing boats. It is like

finding a loved one who has perished in the sea, as a past resident of

Crescent City.

They have survived through the 1964 tsunami, they will survive again.

I pray for Japan, weep for its loss of life and have praise for the

heroism of its people.

Sue A. Hardie

Copperopolis, Calif.