Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Number of issues have to be looked at with local solid waste

I have been reading the comic "Adam" in The Daily Triplicate with interest. The current story has to do with Adam asking his town council the question of establishing a recycling program.

I believe the current Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority and the county's Solid Waste Task Force need to look at a number of issues before July 1.

I am aware that the task force has not met in months and the county needs to make new appointments. Then something upset me at the April 13 meeting. How Kevin Hendrick is giving credit to people and he now has a large number of delinquent accounts. This does not make a lot of business sense to me.

The next issue that needs to be looked at is what are the people

going to do with their old garbage cans? Has there been any thought

about this issue? Also I would hope that both Recology of Del Norte and

the Solid Waste Authority would look at ways to educate people how to

handle their household waste better, because that's where the savings in

our new rates can be found.

We also need to establish local markets for our recycling. This is

something we have dropped the ball on for years. I will keep taking my

cans and bottles to Julindra Inc. because I like the cash I get. We also

need to support the Hambro WSG green waste program. Maybe Hambro will

take people's old metal garbage cans as part of their scrap metal


Richard Miles

Crescent City

Having illegal immigrants gone would greatly help our country

On April 1, a letter was printed entitled "Del Norte County shouldn't

pay for services for illegal immigrants." Now I would like to add to


The writer had all the statistics for California and it's astounding

how many jobs, housing, money, medical and other benefits these illegals


Illegal immigrants for years have had the perfect plan for receiving

everything they can from our government. They come here to have their

babies, thereby making the child a citizen. In doing so, the parents get

to stay and reap the benefits.

To the American people, it's all theft on a grand scale. They're

receiving everything that Americans are not.

Our community is broke and illegal immigrants are a major factor in

draining funds. They all need to be removed from our country and enter


An absolute must is that if they're going to be here stealing from

Americans they should have to speak English. It should be mandatory!


Last week I received a notice. It was 10 pages. Only the first page

was in English. Each and every other page was in different languages.

The government could save millions in postage and paperwork.

Our government needs to focus on the financials of having them here.

It's definitely a problem. With illegal immigrants gone, Americans would

have jobs, housing, benefits, etc.

Jill Bausch

Crescent City