Del Norte Triplicate Readers

President's speech rekindles hope that he'll hold to principles

How exciting and gratifying to listen to the president's address to the nation and hear the message and determination which caused me to work for and feel excited over his campaign and victory!

Solving the health care tragedy which plagues our country, reversing a tax code designed for the transfer of wealth from the middle class to the top two to five percent, investing in infrastructure and education rather than squandering tax dollars supporting arms merchants, ending the billions invested in infiltrating other countries for the purpose of organizing cells of the discontented for future support of their military actions, ending the propaganda machine designed to keep our citizens sure the "bad guys" are coming to get them and spending billions infringing on privacy and rights in the name of safety, putting a stop to the imprisonment and torture of imagined terrorists, conducting the business of our country in the open rather than "deal making" behind closed doors.

Somehow after the election four or five of these stated priorities

for action were abandoned! The health reform we had to settle for was a

boon for insurance companies. The wealthy were given an extension of the

gift of lower taxes provided by the Bush administration while the rest

of the nation saw no increase in income or, worse yet, the loss of jobs.

Not only have we not withdrawn our many military adventures, we have

expanded involvement, not for defense, rather to protect "our interests"

(oil, military/industrial complex).

We're making the cost of education unobtainable for all but the

wealthiest, leaving young people to start their adult lives buried under

crippling debt. Heartbreaking!

Our president once again portrayed a leader who has drawn a line in

the sand that will not be "bargained" away! We probably need not a

"line in the sand," but rather an alligator filled moat!

I will be ready to help make these plans a reality now and for his

re-election as long as he continues to insist we make progress toward

these "values" reflecting the priorities of his constituents rather than

the loud demands created by money. Should he find it necessary to waver

and/or give up on these stated goals I will work just as diligently to

defeat his re-election.

I look forward to supporting the strong, articulate man in whom, as

the representative of my beloved country, I feel so much pride.

Lois Munson

Crescent City

Teen Health Clinic will be a benefit to the community

In his April 21 letter, "Confront teens about sex is not beneficial

for their health," Jeff Stice writes, "For many teens, confronting them

with the issue of sex is not beneficial for their health, emotional and

physical well being, and could have serious negative implications to

their academic potential and future."

He speaks as though those "teens"?were blithely going about the

business of acquiring their education when suddenly this Teen Health

Clinic popped up in their way, forcing them to become aware of sex. As a

former teen I can only chuckle at the image it provokes. Does anyone

really believe that teens need help staying aware of sex?

Mr. Stice says the clinic "is not beneficial for their health," yet

it is the health of our teens that the clinic is proposing to address.

This seems to me to suggest that opponents' real problem is with the

access to birth-control measures other than abstinence that the clinic

will provide.

If our youth and our families were of perfect moral fiber and in

total control of their passions this clinic might not be needed, but

alas, such is not the case, and so there is a need for the kind of

services this clinic is supposed to provide. Teens from healthy families

will probably not need these services; this clinic is important for the

unfortunate youth from families broken by drugs, alcohol, and/or mental


So, rather than being a problem that interferes with our children's

education, it seems to me that the clinic will actually help them get a

better education by making available critical help from truly caring and

professional health care providers, especially for young women facing

social, emotional, and most important, physical changes that can lead to

broken lives and the kind of family dynamics that have most directly

led to the over-crowded prisons, out-of-control medical costs, and

overburdened social services programs that have crippled our state and

our nation

Finally, I must wonder what has happened to the world. When I was

growing up an education seemed to be about making me a better person,

now it is about making "mechanics, bakers, medical workers."?Are we

really now just ?work? units made for keeping the great machine we call

capitalism running smoothly?

Michael Tompkins

Crescent City

Voters should have the right to vote if they want a tax hike

Regarding the article in Wednesday's Triplicate, "LaMalfa: 'What

should I do?" state Sen. Doug LaMalfa is talking about the state budget.

He said he wanted to hear from the Del Norte County residents.

Gov. Jerry Brown has proposed asking state voters to approve tax hike

extensions as a way to help balance the budget, but LaMalfa said the

public doesn't need to vote. He referenced last year's Proposition 21,

which would have increased vehicle licensing fees in order to fund state

parks. Voters overwhelmingly rejected the measure. I was one of those

voters. I think we have too many parks that people cannot use. They

should put about one-third of them up for sale. The state should not

have bought most of these parks in the first place.

But Proposition 21 and what Gov. Brown is talking about are apples

and oranges.

I didn't attend LaMalfa's town hall. I have been to enough of the

"public input" meetings to know it's a way to placate the public.

But I will tell you that I am a 65-year-old woman who has attended

public schools in Oakland, served in the U.S. Air Force during the

Vietnam conflict, have had a successful real estate business since 1969,

I have never missed an election and paid for my child's education. In

other words, I have paid my dues.

I would appreciate it if you would go back to Sacramento and let Gov.

Jerry Brown know that you have decided that people in your district

have the intelligence to make an intelligent decision on issues and we

are very anxious to be able to vote one way or the other on whether to

approve tax hike extensions as a way to help balance the budget.

I want to be able to vote on this issue.

Jacqueline L. Cochran

Crescent City

Is simply baffled about the Deputy Joseph Garcia case

Concerning two cases in our system as of recent. First I must say

that county District Attorney Jon Alexander is doing the job to the best

of his ability.

I am just baffled about the Deputy Joseph Garcia case. Yes, he should

hold himself to a higher standard. His crime should be held as like any

other doing what he did. What is our system coming to when he gets paid

while off of duty? When is our system going to stop paid administrative

leave? This is unfair.

As for the George Bradshaw case, someone ends up in a coma and he

gets a slap on the wrist. Can you imagine how Robert Gregory's family

feels? You should know his family is a very Christian family, so

forgiveness is in their hearts, as hard as that is.

I as many others feel Bradshaw really did not get the right

punishment, but who does in our community? They say no justice north of

the Klamath.

Ok, Jon, it is your turn, as you did promise.

Mary Thiessen

Crescent City