Triplicate Staff

Close doors on liberalism in education or close school doors

In her April 15 letter ("Children are our future and they should be considered, respected") Anna Porter asks if John Adams was wrong to want to educate our children with the "extras."

At the risk of sounding pedantic I must join the conversation with the rejoinder that Mr. Adams decidedly did not express any desire to educate anybody's kids other than the ones he was responsible for - his own. In the preceding paragraph Ms. Porter went to great lengths to show that, by quoting one of our founders, Adams, who by engaging in politics and being willing to go to war if necessary to back his political convictions made it possible for his sons to focus on basic academic subjects, thereby allowing succeeding generation(s) the luxury of an expanded and more genteel education.

He made no statement to the effect that he advocated for the government to bankroll the education of children.

The weeping and gnashing of teeth concerning the elimination of

extracurricular programs was brought on by the School Board's reluctant

but wholly necessary decision as a result of a budgetary shortfall of

$1.2 million. If necessity was not the mother of that decision, then the

report in the April 15 Daily Triplicate of a $2.3 million deficit (a

near doubling) was most certainly the coup de grace of that most dire


It is high time that Americans of the cradle-to-the-grave government

entitlement mindset make a few mental adjustments. America cannot

afford them. California cannot afford to school all her citizens and

Mexico's as well. Compel all illegal aliens to move back to their home

countries along with their families and California and America's

colossal economic burden will lighten immeasurably.

Stop, stymie and roll back the homosexual propagandizing of our

schoolchildren as is being foisted on them via the radical Kuehl/Leno

legislators and their ilk. We don't need a school day dedicated to

Harvey Milk. Their claptrap is costing education millions of dollars,

not to mention the loss of valuable scholars. It's time to close the

doors on liberalism in education or close the schoolhouse doors.

Dale L.Bohling

Crescent City

Don't glorify pot, don't excuse it to children or use it around them

One big thing I've learned is nothing ever gets resolved when there

are lies involved.

I am just gonna say it: There is not one doctor in this country that

can write a prescription for marijuana. Don't tell my kids if you have a

backache or are stressed that it's okay to smoke a joint because a

doctor writes them a prescription for it.

These dispensaries have more flavors than Baskin-Robbins.

I've noticed where the liquor stores are in this town. None of them

are operating within blocks of our schools.

Marijuana is addictive, it does lead to harder drugs. Ask any of the

homeless kids behind our local supermarkets.

Attend a family-strengthening program. Listen to those kids tell you

their problems started with a little marijuana.

You wanna smoke your pot, go for it. You cannot do it around our


Start educating our children, instead of glorifying smoking pot. It

is illegal to be contributing to minors and you should get prosecuted

for doing so.

Stop your lying, start being honest. Be legal and pay your taxes.

Summer Moore-Clawson

Crescent City