Del Norte Triplicate Readers

If Garcia was so disabled, he shouldn't have been working

A Del Norte County sheriff's deputy gets arrested on suspicion of major crimes, arrested on the job, on suspicion of stealing guns and drugs and sheriff's uniforms, and he is given a pension.

The man is mid-30s; he is a young man. If Joe Garcia was so disabled, enough to get benefits for it, then he should not have been working at the time of his arrest. He went back to work on the streets, and he was on the job when arrested.

Why would our sheriff let Joe go back to work without a full doctor's release? He might have to chase someone, or Tase them because of his unfit condition. Which is it? The man gets caught in his criminal behavior, arrested on the job, gets a slap on the hand plea bargain offer that gives him a year in county, and he gets disability too?

Yeah, this is the way it works for some. Do the county leaders think

the people are stupid just because most of them will stay quiet and not

say a word? People know and we want to educate them to speak up on

things that are very wrong like this. Most do not realize until they

experience it for themselves, the good ol' boys system at work.

We are all equal and it makes me angry when I see some treated in a

different way, a way that is better than others. We are all equal and

need to be treated as such. I want equal rights and justice for all.

I am very upset that this man was on the force in an apparently unfit

condition. Maybe this is something that needs to be addressed.

Something is very wrong here. It is the injustice for the unjust.

Lenda Beck

Crescent City

Community Watchdogs

Makes no sense to outlaw pot when other substances are legal

Why does the government sanction the sale of alcohol, tobacco and

addictive prescription drugs while it is illegal to use a relatively

mild stimulant such as marijuana?

Aren't alcohol and cigarettes harmful to one's health? People who

drink too much are often a menace to themselves and others, as is

evident with the bar-related altercation in Crescent City that resulted

in a comatose man.

There are other harmful and addictive substances on the market, such

as sugar and caffeine, that are legal. Why does the government

arbitrarily allow the sale of these stimulants?

If the laws were just and fair, all intoxicants that impair health

and/or judgment, including many prescription medications, would be


Or we could take this approach: What people do in the privacy of

their homes is not something the law should be concerned about, unless

it threatens others in the home or in the community.

Al Kay

Crescent City