Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Teen Clinic is right for our youth, good that it's closer to high school

I am writing to thank the School Board for moving the Teen Clinic closer to the school where it can be better utilized and closer to the group that it serves.

I wish my son had access to such a center when he was in school in New Hampshire. My understanding is that it will provide a range of much-needed services, the same as the present clinic now does, as allowed by law - the law that the people of this state repeatedly voted for.

I believe that the young people in our schools are wiser and more worldly than previous generations. They are faced with myriad problems and situations that we never had to deal with, plus some that we did encounter. They will learn from many sources, certainly not the least of which is their parents.

I believe that they are intelligent enough to rise to the occasion and make the appropriate choices for themselves. I have faith in them and I hope that they will always know that "we"?do trust and believe in them.

Funny how that works. When you show someone that you believe they will do the "right"?thing, they want to live up to that faith. The clinic needs to be close to the students to better serve their needs.

Linda Ehrisman


Thanks to Martello, others who cared for dog in health struggle

Goodbyes are always hard, but when you know it is forever it becomes

almost unbearable. That's how our family felt when it became obvious

that we were going to lose our little dog earlier than expected due to

the many things that went wrong with her little furry body.

We would like to tell everyone that Dr. Martello or "Doc" as he likes

to be called, is probably the most caring, compassionate and qualified

veterinarian we have ever known in our lives, and we have had many

animals. He fought a heroic battle for a month trying to keep our baby

alive a little longer because we weren't ready to let her go yet, even

taking her home with him one night to care for her and every day she

went to visit Doc at the clinic while we worked.

In the end, it was impossible to change her fate, but it wasn't

without a big effort on the part of Doc Martello, Dr. Tardiff and all

the staff at Crescent Animal Medical Center. We would like to thank each

and every one of you for what you did for Casey Ann, especially Doc,

the vet who cares about each and every one of his patients.

Ron and Nita Phillips

Crescent City

Digital announcement sign at fairgrounds keeps us in dark

I am writing in regards to the April 26 article about the tsunami

benefit, "For the fishermen."

Before the fairgrounds put up its new digital announcement sign, you

always knew what was happening at the fairgrounds, because the old board

would list the next event that was coming.

Now you would have to pull over and read the sign for I don't know

how long to read what event is happening. I suggest that anyone having

an event put a reader board out front so people know what is going on.

If people just driving through town would have seen a big sign saying

there was an event to help tsunami victims, I am sure more people would

have stopped.

My husband and I have driven by the fairgrounds so many times, and

the parking lot is full, but there is no advertisement as to what is

happening so we just drive by.

Diane Stuart

Crescent City