Del Norte Triplicate Readers

We need third party as Obama works under the table for GOP

There needs to be a third political party, if for no other reason than to be a chaperone, keeping an eye on the other two nit-wits, the Republican and Democratic parties.

The first thing Republicans and Democrats do when they get into office is start working on the next election four years down the road. They both work for the big corporations, not you. So why do you vote them back in? Could a third party do any worse?

People are scared of change.

Obama promised a real change. How's that working out for you folks?

Obama is out campaigning now; he should be out in Wisconsin and Michigan helping the unions. Billy boy Clinton got the ball rolling in screwing this nation up with its poor North American Free Trade Act deal.

I think Obama is working under the table for the Republicans. They are all the same, nut-cakes.

Bob Eilert

Crescent City

Pres. dooming us to Third World status with socialist adovacacy

President Obama seems determined to alter our national perception of

America's exceptionalism to something so purely socialistic in nature as

to eventually doom us to Third World status - or worse. And he's

managed to do this relatively quickly, primarily because of the

unflagging support of a universally slavish media, political

correctness, the far-left faculties of academia, environmental

extremists, widespread public employee union activism, and global

warming alarmists.

Another problem has been the influence on the president of his legion

of "advisers" or "czars," a ragtag army of egg-headed, far-left

professors, Marxists, malcontents, and race-baiters. Such an amalgam of

strange people working hand-in-glove with Obama creates a dangerous

scenario for continued mischief should Obama win a second term.

Further assisting the president and the Service Employees

International Union in the national unraveling is the nation's

unreflecting herd of distracted Americans. Certainly a too-large segment

of the populace is now more interested in the soaps, sports and

celebrity misbehavior than in any sort of rational political analysis.

This factor is one of the president's greatest strengths.

And should he get his second term, America's future as a free,

capitalistic society is in deep jeopardy.

Carter Swart

Crescent City

Don't criticize community people without getting all of the facts

How do you protect yourself from a lie or people who talk about

others when they do not have all the facts?

I have noticed how ready some people are to criticize and find fault

with others before they at least attempt to find out all the facts.

Recently our district attorney, Jon Alexander, was criticized for his

dealings with sheriff's Deputy Joe Garcia.

First we need to understand that Mr. Garcia's case was handled by the

State Attorney General's Office.

Mr. Alexander has done exactly what he said he would do during his

campaign. He works 70-90 hours per week, travels to bring attention to

our county's drug problems, hit the ground running on the fight against

drug dealers and creating a system that serves the community and not

those who would abuse it. Many of us are angry about the despicable

actions of Mr. Garcia. A lot of very decent law enforcement people who

show up every day to honorably "serve and protect" will be negatively

affected by this one person's actions.

Recently I have had someone who has told a lie about me and our

program. There is nothing I can do to change either the lie or the

person who told it. This hurts me, but because I know it is not true, I

am most concerned about the shadow it casts on the wonderful people who

work for HASP and Jordan Recovery Center. Who come to work every day

with the desire to help others change their lives and create a life that

serves them, their families and their community.

Then someone comes along who only knows how to cost the community

with antisocial behaviors, drug use and disregard for the rights and

laws of others. These people do and say things that hurt the people

trying to make a positive contribution.

I want to take the opportunity to thank all the people in our

community that are part of the solution and work very hard to make this a

better place to live, in spite of those who would criticize and tear

down their efforts.

Sandra Morrison


Jordan Recovery Centers and HASP

Crescent City

1964 tsunami survivor seeking info on person who warned her

On the night of the 1964 tidal wave caused by the Alaska earthquake,

my ex-husband and I stayed at the Log Cabin Motel in Crescent City.

Before retiring around 10 p.m. for the evening, we ate at the Chuck

Wagon Restaurant nearby. No one there or later at the motel seemed to be

affected by any imminent danger and there was no news or TV reporting

of the same.

As I reflect on that night, I realize we owe our lives to a lady

(presumably the proprietor of the Log Cabin Motel) who woke us up

minutes before the tidal wave hit. She knocked loudly and frantically

many times and yelled, "Get up! Get up! A tidal wave is coming and you

only have 10 minutes to get out of here alive!" I have often wondered if

she got out alive. I could hear her knocking on doors and yelling as we

drove away through about 20 inches of water to higher ground. We drove

to a restaurant above the town and witnessed many people coming in

search for loved ones.

We owe our lives to this courageous woman and hundreds of times have

wanted to thank her. Many years have passed but those moments of

gratitude and blessings have never left me. Her solitary act was 47

years ago and I am sure she unselfishly saved many lives that night. The

news reported a wave of approximately 18 feet and a loss of 11 lives.

We could have been one of the fatalities.

There must be many heroes among the citizens of your city now, just

as there were in 1964. My deepest sorrow for yet another tragedy for

your city after the Japan earthquake recently.

Is there any way your newspaper could help me to locate this person? I

would be ever so grateful for your help.

I am enclosing copies of several articles we have saved about the

tidal wave and one from our local newspaper (The Bellevue American,

Bellevue, Wash.) telling about our experience ("Principal Escapes Calif.

Tidal Wave") My ex-husband's accounting of the tragedy is slightly

different but that is the case for all who may experience a same event.

He was busy trying to get our car while I was not wanting to leave the

room until I had our belongings.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my letter and

possibly to reflect on what you might be able to do to help me.

Norma J. Williams

Bellingham, Wash.