Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Better basketball program for our youth would be high school boon

I have noticed a couple of articles about AAU basketball teams in Crescent City, but don't remember seeing any anouncement of putting the teams together.

I have lived in small towns most of my life, so I understand the "Good Ol' Boy" system, but why would you not want to put the best players out there to represent our community?

If we had a basketball system for our youth like the one we have for football, we might start winning more championships at the high school level.

Bob Fisher

Crescent City

Other transportation workers helped with tsunami evacuation

I have really appreciated all of the stories about how our community

pulled together to get through the day of the tsunami. It was wonderful

to see how things all came together when the need was there.

However, there has been one glaring omission in all of the stories.

While the Redwood Transit bus drivers did a great deal of work in

helping to evacuate the low-lying areas before the tsunami arrived,

there were two other transportation agencies involved in the evacuation.

Drivers and dispatchers from the Del Norte Unified School District and

Coastline Transit also worked long hours during that day, moving people

to safety and then returning them to their homes.

During the tsunami event, the dispatch center for emergency

transportation was located at the school district transportation office,

and district buses were used morning and night to move people out of

danger and return them home.

Like the Redwood Transit drivers and their dispatchers, these folks

also deserve to be recognized for a job well done. So hats off to Del

Norte Unified School District, Coastline Transit, as well as Redwood

Transit bus drivers and dispatchers, for a job well done!

Carol Layton

Crescent City

Time for downtown battle over whether to keep or fold BID?

I have a simple idea for this year's Fourth of July celebration. I

have been giving this a lot of thought, maybe because I deeply believe

we can always learn from history.

For the next four years, throughout the United States, people will

have events because it will have been 150 years since our Civil War, the

War Between the States. Okay, here is my idea. There are some people

that want to leave the Business Improvement District. Then there are

many people who want to see BID remain and grow.

"Battle of 3rd Street." People could dress in the colors of the blue

or gray. Our mayor could dress up as Abraham Lincoln. Maybe we could

find the cannons that once protected Crescent City at Battery Point.

Maybe the ghost of Union troops who once manned Camp Lincoln could march

into town. Maybe both sides could march up and down 3rd Street. The

winner could have high ground around the clock.

Secession is something that is alive here today as it was in 1861.

Maybe it's time for the good citizens of Crescent City to come out and

end this revolt. Or maybe it's time for the Battle of 3rd Street to

begin. People could take sides with their pocketbooks. Businesses could

fly the flags of the Union or the Confederates and show their colors.

Richard Miles

Crescent City

Don't blame county for difficult but correct decision on Garcia

Lenda Beck was twisting the facts and presenting them in an unfair

light in her April 27 letter, "If Garcia was so disabled, he shouldn't

have been working."

I am no fan of Joe Garcia by any means, but distortion of the truth

by anyone for whatever means is wrong.

The fact of the matter is that Joe Garcia started the medical

retirement process just months after having heart problems for a second

time while on duty. This occurred after his February 2009 bypass surgery

but before his August 2010 arrest.

Under the law, he is entitled to those medical retirement benefits. I

am no fan of certain decisions county officials have made in the past.

Believe me when I say that I would be one of the first to scream it from

a mountain top if there was something underhanded going on. This time

around, surprisingly, I find myself in the county's corner. The county

administration is unfortunately between a rock and a hard place. It

should, in this instance, be applauded for doing what it is obligated to

do by law, however unpopular and seemingly counter-productive as it may


I, of all people, believe in holding elected officials and community

leaders to a higher standard because they agreed to be held to a higher

standard by swearing an oath to uphold the laws of the U.S. Constitution

and this state.

The problem with this specific situation is not the typical good ol'

boy network at play. It is an unfortunate loophole in the law that needs

to be addressed on a legislative level.

Beck's mischaracterization of the facts surrounding the county's

predicament, in such a public manner, to further her agenda is no better

than the questionable conduct of those law enforcement officers she so

passionately speaks out against. It is also the precise reason why her

organization, Community Watchdogs, is not taken seriously by community

leaders and government officials.

Take a stand on issues when the facts are in your favor. Or argue for

a change in legislation when the facts are such that an injustice is

(by law) allowed to occur. But whatever you do, don't stretch and twist

the facts in order to concoct a platform on which to blast your rivals.

That's a politician's game.

Karen Olson

Crescent City

Steinberg's proposal tantamount to fiefdom lords punishing serfs

Regarding the April 28 article, "Senate leader ponders budget cuts to

GOP districts," was enough to make my blood boil! What does he think we

are, serfs? People to be punished for disagreeing with our masters,

talking back?

This is not Merry Old England under King George. This is America! We

fought and won a war against a king and his minions who would have taken

all we worked for without representation. We fought to have the

freedom to voice our opinion and if necessary vote out those who would

take freedom away.

Perhaps it's time for Senate President pro tem Steinberg, and his

friend State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, to go back to school. They do

still teach the U.S. Constitution, don't they? The last time I looked,

President Obama was not the king. Gov. Jerry Brown was not the crown

prince, and the leaders in Sacramento were not elected to some fiefdom

to be lords over the people. We are not serfs to be punished for not

bowing low enough before our masters in Sacramento. We are Americans.

It's time for us, all of us, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, to

rise up and take back our state. Vote them out!

Virginia Walworth

Crescent City