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Disheartened and ashamed by decision not to retry Bradshaw

In regards to the Bradshaw trial and the Coastal Voices piece article by District Attorney Jon Alexander ("The Bradshaw decision," April 16), I'm disheartened and ashamed. Alexander never once showed up to the trial, yet this was the biggest case at the time of the trial. He stated that his best trial attorney tried the case, yet Katherine Micks never seemed to object to anything and fumbled over her words

Another trial would not improve her performance? Nothing would change with a new trial? That is hard to believe. If the case is so hard to prove then why was taxpayer money wasted to go to trial to begin with? In regards to memories fading due to the fact of the defense attorney's illness, was it real,? Was proof even offered or the delay objected to?

Why was Gregory's family in the newspaper quoted saying that they

were not informed about court proceedings? Many witnesses were under the

influence on the night of the crime so they were indeed "unequivocal at

best." That's to be expected but the bouncer was sober and testified to

Gregory wanting to go back home, while Bradshaw was not calming down

and was seen a few minutes later jogging in the direction of where

Gregory left from just minutes before.

In addition, does one's being intoxicated make it inadmissible? It

was a bar altercation after all. If somebody came in to a bar and shot

somebody would they still deem witnesses unreliable? And if so, are not

these witnesses then guilty of public intoxication? I am also curious

about how two years' probation make the community safer.

I don't think Alexander cared or took into account that on the last

day of testimony in the trial one defense witness didn't show up and the

other testified to two calls earlier that day of being offered a bribe

to not testify. Does Alexander not care about corruption in the justice


We should have all known better then to elect a district attorney

who has acknowledged abuse of a drug that is known to have long-term

mental effects.

Austin Uhlmansiek

Crescent City

School Board's clinic decision pushes agenda on community

Are the good people of this community going to let this newly elected

School Board push their agenda on our young people with such arrogance

toward the electorate? This Open Door Clinic is a group of people over

whom we have no control or even knowledge of what they will advise,

without any parental input, without any parental knowledge or approval.

It seems like putting our kids in easier reach of the wolves' den and

assuming that the wolves are only concerned with the well-being of the


The Wellness Clinic on Washington went in over the objection of many

in this community based on the "mandate of state law." Now, the newly

elected on this board push to put this monstrosity in the school yard!

It is a given that youngsters from 12 years old (from the grade school

across the street) to our young teenagers (at the high school), will be

encouraged to avail themselves of birth control and abortion advice

secretly, no matter what the parents may wish, from people whose

credentials we will never see. Is this really a function of the School


Those who did not read Rev. Dr. Russell Green's letter ("Health

clinic approval damages trust with local faith community, March 31) or

Calie Martin's ("Why was clinic approved?"April 19) should go back and

read the very clearly written response to this board's egregious action

regarding this teen clinic. My prayer is that there are enough caring,

dedicated parents and community members out there to pack that board

room every week until they come to their senses and realize that the

majority of this community is against this action and they need to

rescind the agreement with Open Door Clinic. Lets see this board tackle

our fiscal problems and leave the social engineering to the likes of

Hitler and Stalin.

Lilyan Wood

Crescent City

Letter missed point: We want to vote on state budget issue

Virginia Walworth's April 28 Coastal Voices piece ("Taxing is not

the answer" (April 28) unfortunately missed the central point of Jackie

Cochran's April 22 letter and my April 26 Coastal Voices piece that we

should be able to vote on how best to resolve the current state budget


Neither letter proposed raising taxes, so Ms. Walworth's piece

answered an unasked question. She chose, instead, to completely ignore

our plea for more democracy to end the stalemated, political wrangling

in Sacramento. Repeating the common Republican "No new taxes; just cut

spending" mantra, Ms.Walworth rejected any chance of a reasonable

dialogue to solve the budget deficit.

Reality is, Gov. Jerry Brown has already proposed some $12.5 billion

in spending cuts (no cheers, Ms. Walworth?) He now wants California

voters to decide how best to close the remaining $14 billion budget gap.

Do we want more (and all) spending cuts or the extension of some

taxes to get us through these recessionary times? Neither Ms. Cochran

nor I advocated a position here,-only that we want to be able to vote on

this hugely critical matter.

In my April 26 Coastal Voices article, I asked Senator LaMalfa for

his comprehensive plan to address the budget deficit. So far, no

response. And Ms. Walworth offered nothing comprehensive as well.

Both agree on one thing: block democracy. I find this very sad and


If we could only get beyond the right-left, red-blue,

conservative-liberal, my-way-or-the-highway thinking, we might even be

able to have an intelligent discussion. And then put the top two

proposals before the California voters. And thereby resolve the state's

budget crisis via democracy. Wouldn't that be novel? A very radical

idea, huh? Let's try it.

Glenn Brunner

Crescent City

Thanks to community, sponsors for help with movie night events

Del Norte Reads would like to thank the community for their support

of Meaningful Movie Night at the Del Norte County Library.

Many people have helped make this event a success, including the

Smith River Rancheria Community and Family Services; Ocean Air Farms;

CAN Community Gardens; The Daily Triplicate; the Del Norte County

Library District and all who have attended and donated to our program.

Your participation and support makes this event possible. We will see

you all again in June for another great movie.

Karen Rath

Del Norte Reads

Crescent City

Maybe the old adage is still true: There is no law north of Klamath

When I read the Del Norte County news each evening, it takes me back

to the days I was in high school (1943-1947) there and always heard that

"there is no law north of the Klamath."

Sounds like things aren't much better now.

Darrel Dixon

Albany, Ore.