Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Finally, someone came to aid of couple with cat stuck in tree

My cat Chopper was stuck up in a tree about 50 feet up from 9 a.m. on Sunday, May 1, until

about 5 p.m. Saturday, May 7. He did not have

any food or water since he went out the door. Chopper is a house cat and he was afraid to come


I tried calling the fire department with no luck. I also called the power company. They came out and said the bucket on their truck would not reach. I have called lots of people but I guess they didn't care.

I am disabled, so I cannot do much, and so is my husband, Allen. He tried to climb the tree but he could not. My cat Chopper is very special to me and my husband. Chopper needs to be inside where he can eat and drink and be warm.

I was discouraged by this town because I thought it has a heart for animals but it seemed I was mistaken.

We finally were put in contact with a young man who made the time to come and help. We would like to send a great and wonderful thank you to Jeremy Hunter and his friend O.J. who came with their climbing gear and rescued Chopper. Jeremy was up in the tree for about an hour. We are so grateful that they took the time and cared enough to help save Chopper.

Mary Puderbaugh

Crescent City

I wanted to hate DA Alexander, but his actions impress me

An open letter to DA Jon Alexander:

I wanted to hate you, I really did. Due to the vagaries of my

political affiliations I got caught up in the small things that usually

blind us to the things we really should be seeing. I was waiting for you

to make an error that I could jump on and use against you.

The truth is, however, I was wrong. Your humanity, honesty, and

thoughtfulness in the office of district attorney have been remarkable.

We recently spoke for a few moments at a community fundraiser. You

stated that, "I come with a past." Indeed you do, sir. More important

to me however, is your future.

I always say, "Listen to what a person says, but watch what they

do." I am watching! So far, I am impressed; we don't agree on every

point but I understand your decisions and respect the fact that you are

willing to communicate your thinking behind the decisions you make.

Soldier on and godspeed, Mr. Alexander.

Mike Carter

Fort Dick