Del Norte Triplicate Readers

I support Alexander's capacity to make difficult decisions as DA

I am writing today in response to the letter to the editor dated May 4, "Disheartened and ashamed by decision not to retry Bradshaw," regarding our District Attorney Jon Alexander.

It is regrettable that there was a personal attack on the district attorney when clearly the letter was addressing the results of a trial.

I have known Jon Alexander since I first moved to Del Norte County in 2004. Mr. Alexander is dedicated to the law and to bringing justice to victims in our community. I can attest to the character of Mr. Alexander, and I commend Jon for publicly admitting a personal problem that he resolved and then moved on with his life.

I want to thank the district attorney for his public service, and I know him well enough that I don't question his ability to perform the duties to which he was elected. Difficult decisions are made everyday by elected officials; revenues are a big part of the work that gets done in our community. If resources were unlimited, the community we live in would be better served. I believe our district attorney is working for the best possible solutions with what resources we have.

We are all entitled to our opinions and I wanted to express mine.

Debra Broner

Crescent City

Nurse: Teen clinic actually helps to reduce need for abortions

It's so sad that people in this town have to make the opening of a

"teen clinic" a bad thing.

Do you realize that we have one of the of the highest teen birth

rates in the nation? STDs go undiagnosed, untreated and continue to

spread, making our children at risk for greater and longer-term


Don't you wish that it was that convenient for you to see a medical

provider when you have questions or need help and can't talk with your

family about them because they will judge you and make you feel worse

about yourself?

I worked at the clinic for eight years and never was abortion pushed

as a form of birth control, but as the last alternative. Wouldn't it be

even nicer to prevent the need for abortions!

What's so funny is I had this same battle 20 years ago when my son

was a teenager. When do we wake up and take care of our children and

pull our heads out of the ground?

Maggie Rasmussen RN

Crescent City

Difficult for people to follow president's pro-war evolution

A letter from Bob Eilert, April 29, was intelligently written.

He said that Obama is working under the table for the GOP. From

progressivism, he might take us back to the '20s. Furthermore, I think

most people need a brain transplant to follow the evolution because we

support wars that bring misery.

Samuel Rosa

Crescent City

Using other people's money for education justified fallaciously

Is logic still taught in our public schools?

The bitingly humorous article by Donald McArthur in Tuesday's Daily

Triplicate seems to be a bid for more money for our schools.

But, instead of explaining why our schools actually need more money,

the article goes after a state senator for accepting OPM (other people's

money) implying the senator is at least disingenuous, and uses that as

justification for more OPM for our schools.

If I remember correctly, using a wrong action (accepting OPM) to

justify another wrong action (also accepting OPM) is a logical fallacy.

Challenging the man instead of his argument is also, I think, a

logical fallacy.

Mr. McArthur, of course, has every right to argue for more money for

the schools. And, for that matter, to argue against money for

agricultural supplements if he wants to. I don't think this article did


Clif Shepard