Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Del Norte County Democrats stand by Calif. state workers

The Del Norte County Democratic Central Committee voted unanimously at our May meeting to contact Senator LaMalfa about the recent vote in the state Senate regarding the contract for the California Correctional Peace Officers Association. We noted that Mr. LaMalfa voted NO for SB 151 that included the Memoranda of Understanding for CCPOA.

Democratic Central Committee members have family and friends that work at Pelican Bay State Prison. We know firsthand what law enforcement at PBSP faces each day. Our family members and friends, who are civilian staff, return home each day unharmed due to the professional conduct of law enforcement. We know that CCPOA has been without a contract since it expired in 2006, and they deserve to have an elected representative stand with them. We are disappointed that Mr. LaMalfa, as their elected representative, did not stand with them when they needed his support. Only 2 republicans voted with the Democratic senators on May 2. I will quote the CCPOA spokesman JeVaugh Baker: "we wanted to do our fair share to help the state through a serious budget crisis while protecting the rights of our members in a tough economy. We believe our contract reflects this."

Del Norte County Democratic Central Committee stands with our state

workers. They deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and they

deserve a representative that will support the difficult jobs that they

face each day. It's thanks for nothing when it comes down to Mr.

LaMalfa's voting record!

Debra Broner

Chair, Del Norte County Democratic Central Committee

If fluoride is so great why dosen't seem to be working?

When is it okay to drink toxic industrial waste? When it's called fluoride.

Remember when a grassroots organization got Measure A on November's

ballot, and when all the doctors, dentists, First 5, school board and

all the elected officials (with the exception of Councilwoman Donna

Westfall) told you fluoride is safe.

Then in February of this year the U.S. Department of Health and

Human Services reported that 41 percent of our teenagers nationally have

fluorosis. Del Norte County has over 70 percent of our children with

cavities. If fluoride is so great, and in our water for the past 40

years, maybe someone can tell me why drinking fluoride doesn't seem to

be working. Because it's a scam and one of the biggest frauds of the

20th and 21st centuries.

I just want to make one point and that's about safety as it relates

to fake science. Before the election the public was treated to mailers

touting "none of the adverse affects described by proponents of Measure A

have come true." Wrong! Not only that, it's unsubstantiated rhetoric.

These people ought to be sued for breach of fiduciary duty because

if they weren't so lazy and had done their own research, they would have

discovered that people with kidney disease, diabetes and infants to age

1 cannot drink the toxic industrial waste called fluoride put into our

drinking water.

Are people in this county so gullible that they are willing to put

their life on the line because some agency that's going to profit says

it's safe?

Connie Morrison

Crescent City

It's a waste of time for firefighters to try to rescue a cat from a tree

While I sympathize with the woman who lost her cat for a short time

in a tree recently, I would like to state that it is really quite

unnecessary to waste the time of local firefighters with requests to

rescue a cat from a tree. Their time is needed for responding to real


If a cat climbed up the tree, he can climb down. A friend and

former big city fire chief would ask persons who requested this service

to recall when the last time they had seen a dead cat in a tree.

Just something to keep in mind before you divert needed emergency services.

Kim Charette

Crescent City

There's a lot of things to do with local sewage besides disposing it

A little thought about our perfume factory.

About 40 years ago while I was attending SDSU, I took a Public

Health Microbiology class in my pursuit of a biology degree. One field

trip took us to the waste treatment plant on Point Loma. All the sewage

from San Diego was treated there, the methane burned off, liquids pumped

far into the ocean, and the sludge was transported to desert islands.

The sludge transformed a marsh into an Aquatic Park called Mission Bay

where Sea World, the Hyatt Regency, Bahia and the Hilton and other

hotels exist today.

When I was younger and my father was the civil engineer of Delano, a

worker brought in some beautiful tomatoes from the Sewer Farm. Tomato

seeds are not digested, so they will pass through and grow out of the

treated sludge. Although it is perfectly safe to eat such tomatoes, it

might seem a bit bizarre to some people. However, sludge is safer than

cow manure.

In a world needing to recycle, I would hope the people working the

sewerage of Crescent City would know enough from Sewage 101 to not pay

"Good Old Boys" to dispose of something they could sell or, at the

least, give away.

Floyd Burgess

Crescent City

Sen. LaMalfa is sticking to his promise by not allowing new taxes

I read with great interest William Gilbert's Coastal Voices opinion

("Suggestions for LaMalfa on budget," May 12) on an open letter he sent

to Sen. Doug LaMalfa.

Mr. Gilbert's criticism of Senator LaMalfa as "undemocratic" and

violating his oath in office is extreme and I consider it unwarranted.

Senator LaMalfa was fairly elected by the voters in this

senatorial district, and his adherence to holding his position on

refusing to allow new taxes (and by that I include extensions of already

outrageously high taxes on vehicle registration, sales and income

taxes) is highly respectable and in concert with his campaign promise

not to raise taxes. Sen. LaMalfa is certainly not in violation of his

oath of office. I applaud Sen. LaMalfa for sticking to his promise.

No one wants to see teachers lose their jobs, certainly not me. But

one cannot ignore the blatant truth that California is arguably the

most highly taxed state in the country. Sixty-seven percent of the state

budget lies in just three areas: health, education, and welfare.

Continuing to maintain these high taxes, I believe, will hold back the

state's economic recovery.

California's fiscal problems are not rooted in a runaway CalTrans

Department or a so-called poorly-managed Department of Corrections.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Mr. Gilbert's reference to real estate partnership loopholes is

also incorrect. I know of no one making a financial gain selling real

estate in 2011. You might want to ask your local Del Norte County

Realtor if there are homeowners out there who have any equity remaining

in their property to take advantage of these so-called loopholes.

The real villains here are those who fraudulently receive freebies and benefits and California, which gladly provides them.

Look at the impact of illegal immigration in California. According

to the respected think tank Californians for Population Stabilization,

the cost of illegal immigration is estimated to be about $14 billion

annually in California. Los Angeles County disperses $1.6 billion

annually to the children of those who have illegally entered the United


We elect our officials not to second guess their every decision. If

you don't like Sen. LaMalfa, I suggest supporting the candidate who

opposes him in the next election.

Roger Gitlin

Crescent City