Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Article about Obama, border full of inaccurate claims, information

In response to the article entitled, "Obama talks about immigration in Texas," I must have my input.

Obama declares our border with Mexico is quite secure. Yeah right! That's his point of view from Texas. The rest of the country's borders are easily accessible.

Locally we have zero or next to no border patrol agents. Entry points for illegals are too numerous to count.

Getting serious about enforcement as stated by the Republicans is an absolute necessity, but impossible until nationwide those illegals without proof of citizenship are eliminated.

It is detrimental to our country's deficit and safety! Terrorists, murderers and even those illegals who raise the unemployment rate by taking jobs that should be for citizens and by occupying housing that could help the low income and homeless.

The article states there are 11 million illegal immigrants in the country. Try again! Someone can't count! More than likely it's double or even triple that number.

No matter how you weigh it, illegal immigrants are a huge drain on our country's finances.

Jill Bausch

Crescent City

Thanks to local businesses for testing week prize donations

As state testing comes around students tend to get a little

downtrodden, overwhelmed and just downright blah.

But at Redwood School we have a group of excited students who are

working hard, trying their best and having positive attitudes because of

our local businesses (whether big or small) that have graciously

donated prizes for the students as an incentive to have (above-stated)


So thank you Java Hut, McDonald's and Walmart for helping make state

testing a positive experience, not only for the students but for their

teachers as well!

Bekah Frisk

Redwood PTSO

Crescent City

Osama's death is the opportunity we need to get out of Middle East

Following the death of Osama bin Laden, America now has an ideal

opportunity to bring our troops home from the Middle East with their

heads high.

We have a chance to improve America's standing in the world and renew

the U.S. international initiative toward peace. There is also a big

need to redirect our attention toward bringing economic improvement.

More and more signs are indicating U.S. withdrawal is needed as a

stable and positive consequential action toward a successful America.

Freedom from debt can be enhanced by U.S. energy independence from

foreign oil. Natural gas use is one alternative possibility.

Roger Wilson Galbraith

Crescent City

Hats off to performers, producers of high school's fine dance show

I attended the high school dance performance at Crescent Elk's

auditorium. The young dancers are quite agile, graceful and skilled at

what they do. They accomplished some very difficult maneuvers that

required strength and extraordinary flexibility.

The dancers came in all sizes, many with flowing hair that moved in

every direction as they contorted their torsos from head to toe. It is

amazing that no mishaps occurred with so many dancers filling the stage

in most of the sets.

The choreographed numbers looked quite professional. Whites, Asians

and Hispanics danced merrily upon the stage in synch to music that

complemented their intentionally robotic, acrobatic and supple

movements. It was a little short of miraculous how the performers

rapidly changed attire between sets to cast a different ambience for

each number.

Shadows, colors and a strobe light created moods and images that also

added to the visual exhibition. A packed house, a mix of youth and

adults, supported this creative endeavor. Hats off to the performers and

producers of this fine work of art.

Al Kay

Crescent City

Unfair to say that people who live on system are lazy, criminals

I've been wanting to write a rebuttal for some time about tax-paying.

Working people always say people who live on the system are lazy,

criminals, drunks or drug heads. We are none of these. We are voting,

law abiding citizens.

Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond our control we were put on

SSI and SSDI when we were teenagers. The dad of our son has never had

any schooling and can barely read or write. I've had no high school

education. I was denied that. We were falsely labeled and treated as

second-class citizens our whole lives.

The American Dream to own a home out of our reach. Vacations denied.

We lost dental insurance and my teeth are rotting out. I can barely eat.

I need my teeth pulled and cut out. I need new teeth. I can't afford to

have it done.

We lost medical to get new glasses. My glasses are so scratched up I

can barely see. I can't afford new glasses. We just lost some money on

our welfare check for our son. We may lose more medical. Our son is on

medication for ADHD and his dad needs meds to breathe. He has COPD.

If we lose any more system services to any more cuts to welfare, food

stamps, medical, social security checks, we will be doomed. We are

barely surviving now and we have a 15-year-old son. Is he doomed also?

Does anybody out in the USA live like us? So tax-paying, working

people, step into our shoes if you dare. See if you can survive. I wish

we were rich.

Karen Leven

Crescent City

Friends I have met at work I now consider my CAN family

I guess you could say that I have been blessed with a loving family:

my mom, my sisters and brothers, my children, and my grandchildren. They

complete me. And I love them all.

Never have I thought I could be blessed with such good friends, like

the ones I have met here in Crescent City.

The friends that I have met at work I now consider my CAN (Community

Assistance Network) family. They all have been so kind to me and have

helped me with different things without even asking for anything in


I want to give a very, very special thanks to my friends Doug Morgan

and Kendra Howerton for your help, for your kindness, and making my life

a lot easier and happier. God bless you.

Viola Merritt

Crescent City

Thanks to all who supported Van Deventer wildflower show

I was impressed with the Ruby Van Deventer Wildflower Show this year

and all the volunteers who helped make it a success.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I believe it also takes

a village to plan and execute an event. As a volunteer I donated a

large framed photograph of a pair of Ladyslippers. It was the most

successful raffle yet.

Thank you to Jackie Simonsen and Kathy Hartley at Wendy's, and to

Debbie Stover and her employees at Del Norte Office Supply. They

pre-sold tickets prior to the event. Between pre-sales and tickets sold

at the event, we netted over $300. All proceeds were donated to the Ruby

Van Deventer Wildflower Foundation.

The raffle winner this year was Rick Hiser.

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets. You all contributed to

its success!

Carol A. Schach

Crescent City