Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Cartoon introduces racism into heretofore peaceful community

Cartoons are just funny little pictures created in the minds of insightful, creative people that map a shortcut to the core of a set of statements or belief systems, right?

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. It is also apparent that there are mental gnomes that occasionally get their pathetic efforts published in a few backwater newspapers of little consequence. A case in point would be the editorial cartoon by Mike Keefe as presented in our local paper by the paucity-driven need to fill a 4- by 6-inch void on the May 12th opinion page. Better by far would it have been to leave the space void.

The cartoon sadly introduces the charge of racism as attributed to the Tea Party by ignominious race-baiters across America into our heretofore quiescent and tolerant community.

As to the cartoon in question, it featured a big-eared, dark skinned

individual pointing a spear-like arm with extended index finger stating

to a mustachioed man pushing a wheelbarrow full of material with a

shovel pointing skyward. The towering figure featured is supposedly

President Obama, who is telling the mustachioed man "you may be a

productive member of society but you are here illegally ... you must pay

a fine, master English and go to the end of the legal immigration


Enter a horrendous, "Pac-man" type of creature that is all mouth with

flashing teeth and wagging tongue shouting "Too soft! Put the Navy

Seals on his case!"  wearing a shirt with a coiled viper under which is

the famous "Don't tread on me" statement. It takes little imagination

who or what this figure is intended to portray. If it is meant to be any

other than the personification of the Tea Party I will write a public

retraction in this section when proven to be wrong.

If correct, I would expect an apology from the editor of The Daily

Triplicate on the grounds that he is responsible for making a

provocative public statement against a peaceful local entity, of which

many are long-time residents and subscribers to The Daily Triplicate.

I have had several of my letters to the editor censored due to

statements alleged to be too inflammatory by the editor. I was appalled

at his surprising lapse of judgment in introducing the element of racism

via the Tea Party into our heretofore peaceful community.

Dale Bohling

Crescent City

Horrible to slash tires of people who can't afford to replace them

This morning, the 15th of May, I was just getting ready to leave my

apartment when I heard a knock on my door. I opened it to find a

policeman standing there. He informed me that my tire had been punctured

and that there has been at least 15 other cars vandalized in the same


I don't know the age bracket of these immature people who had nothing

better to do during the night but to do all of this expensive damage.

I hope every household discusses this within their family on how it's

important to have a car available in the event of an emergency. The way

our economy is today, it's shameful to have this done.

Being on Social Security, and I am sure other people who were

affected are in the same boat, I will have a hard time replacing these

tires. Money must not mean anything to these irresponsible people.

One day this may happen to you, then you'll know how it feels to wake

up in the morning and not be able to use your car when you need it.

With the prices the way they are today. Shame on you.

Rita Moore

Crescent City

CAN shares blame for damage to garden since it hasn't put up gate

Regarding the May 13 article, "Community garden vandalism is a

growing problem," this is not the first time damage was done at Peterson


I believe that the Community Action Network and people at the

Dragonfly Program have to realize that some of the blame for vandalism

falls on themselves.

Yes, it is sad that our community garden was destroyed. I remember a

few years ago when someone destroyed the fruit trees in the park. At

that time, CAN put a lock on the big gate and the city purchased a

walk-through gate for them. To date, CAN has not put the walk-through

gate up. Why?

The current people who oversee the Redwood Coast Regional Center

should be asking CAN to issue keys to people, that would solve the

problem. Why was the walk-through gate not put up? Why is it lying

against the fence?

Maybe the taxpayers should be asking CAN if it is not going to use

the small gate if it will return it to the city.

The reason a grant was given to CAN in the first place was to

purchase the metal fence to prevent the vandalism in the community


Richard Miles

Crescent City

Criticisms of McArthur's op-ed were baseless, disappointing

My oh my did Donald McArthur ruffle a few feathers with his Coastal

Voices piece ("If we treat kids like crops, then we'll pay for schools,"

May 3).

First allow me to say I am disappointed in you, Calie Martin

("McArthur offers simplistic view of education funding problems," May

13). I am sure you are aware that just because one party holds a

majority, in this case the Democrats, there is also the executive branch

of state government, which has been controlled by the other party for

about 25 of the years since 1967.

Calie criticizes Mr. McArthur for personally attacking Mr. LaMalfa

and then proceeds to personally attack Mr. McArthur. I applaud Mr.

McArthur for his concern for our students. A small part of the solution

is simplistic: Just put it on the ballot.

As for Samuel Strait ("McArthur doesn't understand role of being a

representative," May 13), I don't know what poll he is reading, but I

just read four polls and all of them support the tax extension. He

states that education in California is 40 percent of the state's budget.

I would say that is money well spent.

In California's race to mediocrity it is somewhere between 46th and

50th among states in spending per pupil. We have been near the bottom

for many years. That was the point of Mr. McArthur's piece. Californians

verbalize they value education, just not as much as 44 other states.

Mr. Strait, that additional revenue is not very elusive and is not

"additional." We as taxpayers are already providing the revenue. The

polls say that voters would be willing to extend the soon-to-expire tax.

I want a School Board member to ask difficult questions, to research

issues, to listen and be open to suggestions. I want a School Board

member to be an advocate for our students.

Mr. McArthur is new to the board, but thus far I see him as an

excellent representative.

Richard Ruppert


Many people living on system do have drug/alcohol/criminal issues

This letter is in response to the May 17 letter ("Unfair to say that

people who live on system are lazy, criminals").

I for one do know firsthand that a lot of people (not all) that have

some sort of ties with the system do have problems with drug and alcohol

abuse. There are a lot of people either on some sort of state

assistance or have ties to people who receive state assistance that are

criminals that go on to commit crimes repeatedly, all you have to do is

read The Daily Triplicate's News of Record.

As for the state cutting back your medical, deal with it because the

state is cutting back on everything. As for your rotting teeth, have you

heard of "preventative maintenance? As for your 15-year-old son, teach

him that nothing in life is free and that you have to work for

everything that you get.

And finally for those tax-paying, hard-working people out there, they

are the ones you should thank because if it wasn't for them you

wouldn't be getting any assistance at all!

Frank Villarreal

Cape Coral, Fla.