Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Many people with health issues work to support those who won't

I read with interest the letter May 17 letter ("Unfair to say that people who live on system are lazy, criminals"). The writer asked if anyone else in the USA lives like her family.

Of course, an untold number of families "walk in your shoes"; most of them are hard-working, tax-paying citizens who even though they work full-time are still struggling to support their families and trying to stretch their paychecks to cover medical expenses, day care, food, etc.

The difference is they are also supporting you! Dare to walk in their shoes. Go to work every day, juggle children, day care, grocery shopping, housework ... day in and day out, living paycheck to paycheck, not able to afford to purchase a home or go on a vacation, and for many no medical insurance.

I think most taxpayers would agree that welfare should be a temporary

help, not a permanent way of life. You didn't say why you were denied

an education as a teenager, but as an adult on welfare, there are

programs available to get a GED,college courses, etc.

Your husband has COPD; is it from smoking? Should taxpayers support

other people's addictions? Cigarettes are over $50 a carton; a month of

smoking would pay for glasses and/or a dental visit.

Is your son doomed? Children learn from example. ADHD is not a

disability; many children and adults deal with that. As for being rich;

most people have to work hard to become rich. It is usually not just

handed to you.

Taxpayers are angry and tired of supporting people who do not try to

better themselves, while they are struggling to support their own


Teresa Throop

Crescent City