Del Norte Triplicate Readers

There is no longer any dedicated Social Security fund; it's just IOUs

In reference to Laurel Marquart's May 18 letter, "SSI, SSDI services should not be paid out of Social Security fund," my question is, what Social Security fund?

The so-called fund has long consisted of nothing more than a stack of government IOUs, and is now only a part of our national debt. All Social Security benefits are now paid from current taxes, not from some mythical "fund."

Social Security was founded in 1935 as a retirement plan, in which workers would pay into a special fund through payroll taxes over their working lives, and would later draw retirement income from the accumulated fund. What happened? Politicians saw all that money coming in and scooped it up to pay for their pet projects, leaving only a stack of worthless government IOUs in its place!

If a private employer stole from his company's worker retirement plan in the same way that politicians have treated the Social Security plan, that employer would be in prison!

John Cupp

Smith River

Goal for your summer: The 27th Annual Crescent City Triathlon

If you'd like a goal for the summer, consider participating in the

27th Annual Crescent City Triathlon on Aug. 14. The adult events are a

triathlon (swim/bike/run), a duathlon (run/bike/run), and a kids


This is only as competitive as you want it; the goal is health and

fun! Many people will walk the run; kids are allowed flotation devices

in the pool, etc. All the events are centered around the Fred Endert

Municipal Pool.

If you're not comfortable in one or two of the sports, why not form a

team! That's how many people start; I started about seven years ago

doing just the bike leg. It was different from anything I'd ever done

and it got me curious about the whole triathlon concept. I ended up

learning to swim and to run!

Visit our website at for full details and

applications. Applications are also at the pool, Back Country Bicycles,

and soon to be around town at other locations.

I really encourage you to think about your health, both mental and

physical, and how you can better it with a goal such as this.

Happy training!

Susan Roberts

Crescent City

We've been killing and stealing in the Middle East for 58 years

The May 7 letter from District Attorney Jon Alexander ("No regrets

for celebrating death of a man who rightly deserved it") was interesting

and I respect his high education and difficult job. Even Mr. Alexander

has no time to read history.

My letter would never be seen in our great paper, since most folks

here prefer big lies.

At 82, I might have Alzheimer's, but I still remember a little, and I

believe 9/11 happened because we have been killing and stealing in the

Middle East for the last 58 years. It began when the CIA overthrew

Iran's Prime Minister Mossadegh in 1953 and replaced him with the Shah.

According to history, the Shah tortured and killed his people for 25

years and we tolerated everything because he allowed an American company

to explore 40 percent of the oil. Our disease of fighting will never


I have been in 33 countries including six in the Middle East.

Different places, different news, and many believe that 9/11 was in


Osama bin Laden said in an interview that he was not behind 9/11, but

he was happy about it. Who knows?

Samuel Rosa

Crescent City