Del Norte Triplicate Readers

County seems to have record of going soft on men who kill women

Kill your mother in Del Norte County and you only spend 68 days in jail! This is outrageous.

Del Norte County seems to have a record of going soft on men who kill women in our county. Kill your friend and throw her off a bridge: 11 years.

Women in this county should be concerned.

Peggy O'Neill


My experience as a mother who was once a welfare recipient

There have been numerous letters printed lately concerning taxpayers

having to pay for welfare recipients, and I felt the need to share my


In 1975, I gave birth to what was to be the first of five. I had no

choice but to go on welfare, especially since their father was nowhere

around. I needed the help desperately!

In 1986, my children and I moved to Tulare. My welfare transferred

when I did. The welfare department in that city put me in a program

called "G.A.I.N.," Greater Avenues for Independence. And it was

mandatory or no welfare.

During those years, there was no limit as to how much households

received when the family had more babies. There wasn't any limitation as

to years you could receive welfare. The G.A.I.N. program tested

everyone to see what employment you had knowledge in, excelled at,

taught you resumes and then placed you in a job training program for

three months.

I was placed in a county medical lab and loved it. At the end of my

three months, 16 of the employees, lab personnel, gave me a surprise

party. They stated I was the first person to finish the G.A.I.N. program

at their facility. I continued to do volunteer work and went in

whenever they were short of staff.

There were no jobs at the time, but I loved it, and I figured if I

was in their face as much as possible I could eventually get hired and I


While in the program I had to report to the G.A.I.N. office monthly

with my time sheet. On one of these visits I met a representative of

G.A.I.N. He had three women with him just starting the program.

The representative, by surprise, asked me if I had advice for the

women. I stated that job or pay doesn't matter as long as you love what

you do. It all makes for an excellent, happy and fulfilled employee,

thereby creating an employee who does a job above and beyond.

Also, my welfare gradually decreased with my job. But once, while

shopping with food stamps, someone shoved me and stated, "Excuse me,

foodstamper." They had no idea of my circumstances.

Jill Bausch

Crescent City

Thoughts on local bureacracy, tsunami implications for area

People often suggest that Crescent City and Del Norte County increase

shared tasks as has been done with fire protection. Some advocate

merging the governments. However, the benefit of a merger, eliminating

duplication, might be lessened if we were to follow the model of the

city and county of San Francisco. Our system of having a manager or

administrator serve a council or board is preferable to developing a

mayoral bureaucracy.

Another concern, we are so overwhelmed by the enormity of short-term

challenges that we may not be evaluating a long-term hazard. If global

warming were to increase ocean levels, Crescent City might look like

Bangladesh. As it is, the last tsunami reportedly threatened the

Cultural Center, which indicates how everything from there to the Marine

Mammal Center (including the wastewater treatment plant) may be

endangered. Future construction within the tsunami evacuation zone

should consider the risks of flooding.

Unfortunately, we will probably continue to leave future problems to

be dealt with by future residents who will have to seek funds to cope

with the damage that might have been prevented or at least reduced.

Warren Rosengren

Crescent City