Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Memorial Day a time to honor veterans and their families

Memorial Day this year is on Monday. Memorial Day is a day to pay our respect to those who lie where honor rests in our state and national cemeteries and in myriad other places across the world in both marked and unmarked graves.

It is a day to honor the living symbols of the American spirit: our veterans and their families, members of our armed services and their families, wherever they are and however they serve.

It is also a day to pause for a moment of silence during the "National Moment of Remembrance" at 3 p.m. local time, wherever we happen to be. The three o'clock hour was chosen because it is a time on this very important national holiday when most Americans are out and about enjoying the freedoms paid for by the current and former members of our armed forces.

California is home to the largest population of military, veterans and dependents in the United States, totaling more than 3 million people. An additional 30,000 veterans of the U.S. military return yearly to make California their home.

Veterans have potential entitlement to many benefits including

disability, vocational rehabilitation, education, medical and burial

benefits based on their military service. CalVet's aim is to help

facilitate their return to civilian life by helping them to take

advantage of the benefits they have earned.

Veterans and/or their families are encouraged to call CalVet's

Veterans Services Division at (916) 653-2573 to get assistance in

requesting their benefits.

Peter Gravett

Secretary of California

Dept. of Veteran Affairs

It's time for our City Council to live within its financial means

Thursday's article, "City still looks for cutbacks" is quite

maddening for loyal readers of The Daily Triplicate. It is one more

example of a City Council that does not listen.

Many people, myself included, have stood before the City Council and

argued against pay raises, handouts and fiscal foolishness knowing

cutbacks were inevitable. We have argued against BID taxes, the giveaway

of city services, and senseless studies.

Yet The Daily Triplicate continues to cast our City Council in a

positive light, while its reporting proves the contrary.

This City Council needs to listen. It needs to fund the reserves, not

spend them. It needs to budget the $4 million-plus it has, not the $5

million it doesn't.

They need to stop blaming the boogeyman or boogeywoman. And they need

to know we can see foolishness even if they can't.

James R. Barrett

Crescent City not do-it-all website Berkowitz claims it is

My previous letter ("Event planners, Triplicate should draw tourists

with online info," May 5) questioned the ability of locals and tourists

finding one website with all information on fishing, camping and

exploring in Del Norte County.

Bob Berkowitz responded a May 6 Coastal Voices piece, "Del Norte

tourism website is out there" and referenced "" as

the do-it-all website.

For adequate guidance to fishing and camping, other than commercial

phone numbers, my original comment stands as before. Phone numbers or

lack of details, directions, maps and descriptions are worse than no

website at all.

For all practical purposes, as seen by locals, travelers and

tourists, there still is no website with adequate detail. Every "Trout

Fishing, Smith River" search ends with "No results." Every search for

"Camping, Outlying areas" produced no results. A search for "Boating,

Outlying areas" (Dead Lake, Lake Earl, Dry Lake, Smith River)) produced

no results.

Conclusion? The website is an empty and useless

website for locals and tourists. It has the capability of being great,

but falls far short of being useful.

Other than tripping over our treasures accidentally, the majority of

those outside this area have no idea where to go and what to do.

Nothing has changed.

Bob Douglas

Smith River

New garden shows what a community can do together

Last Saturday, we saw the power of a community coming together: A new

community garden appeared out of a vacant, weedy lot. This could not

have happened without a tremendous outpouring of volunteer labor and the

support of many community partners.

Community Assistance Network, the Del Norte County Health Care

District, and Open Door Community Health Centers wish to thank everyone

who made the day a success. This project started over a year ago as a

vision of the Health Care District's Board of Directors to expand

opportunities for health and wellness beyond the clinic walls. It

provided the land and partnered with CAN and Open Door to secure funding

from the Humboldt Area Foundation, The California Endowment, and the

Tides Foundation.

Connor Caldwell, part of the First 5 VISTA Service Corps, coordinated

the garden build, helping make real many months of planning. He was

assisted by six other VISTA members of the First 5 Service Corps. Many

local businesses have donated materials, equipment, and food to the

project so far, including Continental Bakery, Crescent Ace Hardware,

Eco-Nutrients, Hemmingsen Construction, the Home Depot, Porters Pots and

Plants, Ray's Food Place, and Starbucks.

Well over a hundred volunteers have been involved with this project.

We are incredibly grateful for their time and expertise. Long before a

single bed was assembled, the students and teachers at Sunset High

School cut, marked, and pre-drilled all the lumber for the raised beds.

Randy Hall installed the water system. Rotaract, 4-H, and other

community groups brought tools and endless energy to the days leading up

to the build and on Saturday itself.

Many other community members answered the call for volunteers via

Facebook, The Daily Triplicate article, and PSAs provided by KPOD/KCRE.

Nearly 75 people worked to build the garden on Saturday. They provide a

shining example of what people can do when they work together for a

common goal. Thank you to everyone who has made the garden a reality!

Angela Glore

Crescent City

Irate when I hear seniors blamed for depletion of Medicare, SSA

As a retired, hard-working American I am irate when I hear that

"Greedy seniors are at fault for the depletion of SSA and Medicare."

Since the election in 2008, Medicare costs have grown by 14 percent.

Food stamps and Medicaid have doubled!

I have contributed to my country by being a good citizen through

voluntary and honorable service for three years in the U.S. Army,

gainful employment for the majority of my life starting at the age of

16, volunteer work in my community, etc.! Mine is the story of tens of

millions of Americans.

Care to know where your SSA money is going?

Examples of SSA, SSI and SSD benefits: mental health problems,

orthopedic injuries, cardiac/vascular disorders, sleep disorders,

fibromyalgia, headaches, blood disorders, diabetes mellitus, auto immune

disease/AIDs/HIV, cancer, stomach/intestine/liver disorders, pulmonary

disorders, survivors benefits, disability caused by drug use, release

from prison after a certain period of incarceration, and on and on!

It is not difficult to qualify for any of the above benefits!

I am not asking for a removal of the social safety net, but a

retirement fund should be used for retirement benefits and anything now

being funded by SSA should be funded separately!

Jerry R. Jared

Smith River