Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Hendrickson deal is lunacy; can't wait to see his next episode

The plea deal of 19-year-old Samuel C. Hendrickson ("68 days for death of his mother," May 21) is the stuff of legal lunacy.

I can't wait for his next episode. I'll bet it's a real doozy.

James Snow

Crescent City

State's redistricting committee should re-align our Senate dist.

Well aware of the gerrymandering history of our state, I hold great

hope for the redistricting committee. For example, our present state

Senate district is represented by a man from Grass Valley, an area

totally unlike ours in culture, history or economy. I know that the

committee isn't going to hold meetings in this far corner of the state

so I thought I would make my feelings known.

I believe that, almost to a person, our local community would say

that what defines us is our connection to the sea. Almost the entire

population lives in a narrow strip of land along the coast. As such, we

have a natural affinity with the other Northern California coastal

counties. It is important to us that we be placed in districts that

include the other Northern California coastal counties, namely Humboldt

and Mendocino.

We share with these counties not only a rural and sometimes remote

way of life, but also the shared hardships brought on by the decline of

fisheries and the timber industry. I am aware that some compromises will

have to be made, but please don't consider splitting us away from the

other coastal counties.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if you have any

questions, or desire any other input, do not hesitate to contact me.

Gordon Bonser

Crescent City

Pleased with professionalism, efficiency at Sutter Coast

On May 20, I had a situation which caused me to be treated at the

emergency room of Sutter Coast Hospital in Crescent City.

I would like to say I was very pleased with the efficiency and

professionalism of both the emergency room staff and the hospital staff.

The procedures they performed and the doctors who treated me were


I appreciate the care I received and would like to thank Sutter Coast


Hank Westbrook

Smith River