Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Please be on the lookout for stolen wind turbine equipment

Our family lived in Crescent City for about 10 years. During that time we were blessed with knowing a great amount of caring and loving people. We often refer to Crescent City as the city with a big heart.

Due to extreme personal tragedy my husband and I decided to say goodbye and try living without so many sad memories.

We put our wind-powered house up for sale and left to experience new places.

We got a call from our Realtor that our garage was broken into and

all of the wind turbine equipment was gone.

The robbers took about $20,000 in equipment, including a new upgraded

wind turbine. Insurance will not cover, and buyer will not buy.

I am calling on all of you wonderful, big hearted people to help us

out and report to the sheriff if you hear, see or know of anyone that

all of the sudden has a bunch of battery packs (large and brown), Wisper

500 wind turbine (encased in steel), 6-foot-long rotor blades, large

steel generator box) and other equipment.

This would be a person that knows electricity as it takes a pro to

remove a generator and not be electrocuted.

Linda Russo

Central, Utah

Thanks to all those that have served in the U.S. military

"Thank you for what's on your hat." I heard a gentleman say this to a

patron at the Apple Peddler restaurant in Crescent City on Memorial


What a great honor it was to hear a stranger acknowledge another

person based on what his hat read, "Vietnam Veteran."

My grandfather, father and uncle all served the U.S. Army during WWII

and the Vietnam War. To hear this man's statement at that moment made

me appreciate and proud to be an American.

I have enjoyed many freedoms because of the sacrifices made by my

family and friends who have served or are serving this country with

their lives.

Thank you veterans, and thank you to all who are currently serving in

the U.S. military.

And thank you, sir, for acknowledging a vet when I didn't. I will be

more attentive and forthcoming during future Memorial Day observances.

Darren Honda