Del Norte Triplicate Readers

We need a representative truly concerned about our questions

On Friday, May 20, Congressman Mike Thompson visited Crescent City, meeting with the harbor officials, local leaders and holding a "spaghetti feed" for only those who knew he would be here; i.e., local Democrats.

I have asked him four or five times to hold more frequent town hall meetings and other people have requested him to come here also, but have been told by his Eureka staff that he cannot come here all the time, yet last year he came here for a one-hour town hall meeting squeezed in between other meetings and he was able to come here another time at the request of the middle school to thank him for his help in acquiring some equipment.

We need a representative who is truly concerned about questions this

community has. Writing letters takes at least eight weeks for a response

and the answer is just a form letter that may be a year or two old but

it is altered to fit that particular letter. It seems that "First

Congressional District" is so safe for his re-election he does not need

to give us any time. What a shame for a "representative."

It would be more efficient for him to hold a spaghetti feed and have

the newspaper announce it, this would give him a larger audience and

more money for his election campaign. After the dinner, he could hold a

two-hour town hall meeting, sleep at a local motel, have a leisurely

breakfast the next day and drive home refreshed; now that would be a

better way to treat this community.

I have asked him to attend a local Tea Party meeting as we are not a

political entity, only concerned citizens who want America to follow the

Constitution, which Congressman Thompson has taken an oath to uphold.

It seems that his silence on this point means he is unwilling to explain

his actions that appear to be unconstitutional.

Marlowe Thompson

Crescent City