Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Bradshaw and Hendrickson sentences don't seem just

Yes, I have another question. Why did Samuel Hendrickson get 68 days in jail for the death of his mom (The Daily Triplicate, May 21)?

I got three years' informal probation for two back-to-back domestic violences back in 2009, and I had to take the anger management classes. This is not fair.

I'm still on probation, and I graduated the classes. This guy gets 68 days for the death of his mom.

And what about George Bradshaw ("No retrial in Bradshaw case," April 18)? That guy got cut loose, too. This is the most asinine thing that I've ever heard. These types of people need to pay for what they did.

Tony Jacomella

Crescent City

So desensitized to profanity that we allow it at public meetings?

Since when is profanity permitted at a public meeting? I attended a

meeting of the Airport Authority Board of Commissioners at the Flynn

Center on Thursday, and Eileen Cooper uttered profane language at the

board, and nothing happened.

I questioned the inappropriate use of profanity and asked that she be

asked to leave. Nothing happened! Have we become so desensitized that

we tolerate this?

I've read where the City of Crescent City does not permit this and

has actually barred people from attending. If I go to another meeting do

I have to be subjected to profanity?

Calie Martin

Crescent City

Shady deal-making apparent with treatment plant, airport

I for one (and maybe the only one) do appreciate all of the hard work

that Donna Westfall has done (on the City Council) for the "little

guy"! She's the only one who ever (at least) tried to keep me from

having to pay $70 a month for me, myself and I to flush my toilet!

As I recall, the city could have decided to fix the sewer plant up to

state standards for a lot less! But, as usual, I believe special

interest groups (this time being Realtors, developers, contractors,

etc.) "bought" the vote of the council.

Now I see where the Border Coast Regional Airport Authority Board was

considering hiring property rights activist attorney Fred Kelly Grant

from Idaho to help destroy "our" remaining wetlands in the name of

airport expansion!

A lot of (what I see are) shady deal-makings going on in Crescent

City/Del Norte County!

Fred E. Schultz

Crescent City