Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Bess Maxwell classroom thanks Crescent Elk Band for performing

We of Room 3 at Bess Maxwell School would like to express our appreciation to Amy Ross and the Crescent Elk Band.

They came to Bess Maxwell school Tuesday and performed for our school. We thought they played an excellent concert for us. We are all excited to grow up and play in a band now.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. We especially appreciated your dedication to the students, Mrs. Ross.

Janet Parker,

teacher for the Room 3 students

Crescent City

Don't give public funds to man who told inappropriate joke

I'm glad that for now attorney Fred Kelly Grant will not be working

for the harbor or airport. But I'm concerned at the possibility that Mr.

Grant may receive public money from the county to work on other issues.

It's imperative that no public money be sent to Mr. Grant under any

circumstances. Our community must have zero-tolerance for what I

consider to be anti-Semitism.

On March 27, 2011, Mr. Grant began his public Tea Party speech in

Redding with what I consider an anti-Semitic "joke." Grant said a

professor in law school had a policy of canceling class if he called on

three students in a row who were unprepared, and would make certain that

a later test would include a question that would have been covered in

that day's lecture.

So far, so good. But then Grant gave three examples of students who

were always unprepared, and gave surnames for these hypothetical

unprepared students. And here's the point: Each surname was

Jewish/Jewish sounding. He said, "We could always tell when he (the

professor) was working on research and didn't want to teach the class.

He would walk in, and as soon as he said, 'Mr. Greenstein,' we knew we

could just fold our books up because it was going to be Greenstein,

Goldboro, and Goldmann. (Audience laughs.) And he would call them in a

row, they would be unprepared, and he would stomp out."

This "joke" begins at about 4:43 on this video:

Why did he specifically choose Jewish/Jewish-sounding surnames? Why

did the audience laugh when he listed these particular names? What does

all that say about Mr. Grant? I hope I don't have to list the ways this

"joke" is offensive, and list the negative, anti-Semitic stereotypes

this "joke" perpetuates.

It is completely unacceptable to give scarce community dollars to

someone who publicly makes such "jokes." We in our community must have

zero-tolerance for this, and we must have zero-tolerance for elected

officials and other public servants who attempt to give public money to,

or to otherwise support, someone who makes these sorts of "jokes."

Derrick Jensen

Crescent City

Sixteen-year-old's objections to teen health clinic's immorality

After going to a couple of school board meetings, I learned a lot

about the teen health clinic that is going to be near Del Norte High


I am 16 years old and I have many problems with the teen clinic. One

of the problems, teenagers could go to the clinic, and if asked,

teachers would tell parents that their kid was in class. I realize that

there is patient confidentiality, but for the school employees to lie

does not seem right to me. What happened to teaching morals and honesty?

Another problem with the clinic is that they provide contraceptives

for teenagers,?which is encouraging kids to begin or continue sexual

activity. California public schools are supposed to encourage

abstinence, why then do they encourage just the opposite?

I have seen the website for the teen clinic and they show that

abortions are a service not requiring parental notification. I don't see

a difference between murder and abortions. If a girl gets pregnant she

should face the consequences.

Here is a funny quote from President Reagan: "I've noticed that

everyone who is for abortion has already been born."

I would like the adults to think about how they would feel if their

kid was at this clinic getting services without their knowledge. I would

not like it if my kid was being "educated"?in a way that was against my

beliefs and practices.

Cheyenne Stice

Crescent City