Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Overlook curfew: Thieves are the problem, not the parking lotI am extremely angry and disappointed in park officials' decision to place a permanent curfew on the Enderts Beach overlook ("Curfew for overlook," June 7). It is unfortunate that a string of burglaries occurred, but, to be clichandeacute;, a permanent curfew seems like the classic example of removing a fly from your grandfather's head with a hatchet.

Instead of making it illegal to be at the overlook after dark, why not first try something simpler and less drastic, like posting signs saying that, "Theft has been a problem here. Don't leave valuables in your cars!" These scumbag thieves are the problem, not the parking lot.

Read the sheriff/police logs of any week, theft is a problem everywhere in Del Norte. The same "logic" that put a curfew at the point could easily be applied to the rest of Del Norte. And for that reason I give a warning. Our freedoms have been and will continue to be taken away, little by little, in such a manner that we hardly notice, so that maybe we won't see any strangeness in a curfew at the lookout and maybe our grandchildren won't see any strangeness in a countywide curfew.Taking away our freedom to watch day turn to night at one of the most spectacular vantage points in Del Norte is taking away something more valuable than any of us could keep in our trunks.

So on that note, I would like to invite and remind anyone who cares to come up and enjoy these last few sunsets we will legally be able to enjoy at the overlook.

Danny Clark

Crescent City

Chuck Blackburn is Chick Hearn of Warrior sports broadcastingI suspected there was a story behind the story involving the "retirement" of Warrior play-by-play legend Chuck Blackburn. Bill Choy's June 8 article in The Daily Triplicate confirmed that.

It would appear KPOD and its corporate entity Bicoastal Media just maybe gently pushed Chuck and color analyst Donnie Matz aside and in doing so, pulled out all the pomp and circumstance in recognition of Chuck's 28 years broadcasting Warrior football, basketball and baseball.

As the Warrior public address announcer, I played a role in delivering those announcements as part of Sportscaster Sponsor Appreciation Night. The station decided to go in another direction ... that's fair. KPOD can do whatever it feels is right in serving the community. I do, however think Chuck makes a good point when he said this transition could have been handled a little differently. After all, Crescent City isn't exactly New York City.

For 14 years, I was the public address announcer for the Los Angeles Sparks and was the back-up announcer for the Los Angeles Lakers. It was a privilege and honor words fall short to express.

I observed a similar circumstance with an aging Laker play-by-play announcer, Chick Hearn. I grew up with a transistor radio glued to my ear listening to Chick and his "word's-eye view" of the Lakers. As Chick aged, like a fine wine, one could forgive his occasional mistakes, because the overall delivered product was classically exquisite. Chick passed away at age 85 and I miss him.

Chick Hearn was Laker basketball.

No doubt Chuck Blackburn has his detractors, but not many. Chuck has lots and lots of supporters. And I always heard plenty of commercial announcements during football and basketball broadcasts.

Chuck Blackburn shares a lot of those Chick qualities. As I see it, at age 74, Chuck has at least another 10 years of leaving his footprints on Warrior sports.

He is Warrior football, basketball and baseball and always will be.

I don't know the real reason for the parting of the ways between KPOD and Chuck Blackburn and quite frankly don't really care. I do know in the short time I have known Chuck, I have grown to appreciate him, his style and presentation, and I regret Chuck was handled in a New York City manner.

Chuck, you are our Chick Hearn and I personally am delighted you will be part of Warrior telecasts for 2011-12.

I will be watching.

Roger Gitlin

Crescent City

Dream Act should only apply to Americans, not illegal immigrantsRegarding the June 2 article, "Assembly OKs grants for immigrant students," California lawmakers voted to open the door to state-funded financial aid for immigrant college students who entered the United States illegally.

AB 131, part of the California Dream Act desperately needs to be re-evaluated!

Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the bill every year since 2005 - probably the only good thing he did while serving his term.

On the other hand, Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, made a campaign pledge last year to sign it.

"Hello!" What is wrong with this picture?

First of all, "The Dream Act" should only apply to "American Citizens!" Not illegal immigrants!

Second of all, the financial aid given to illegal immigrants will never be repaid and all the aid should benefit citizens who otherwise, due to lack of funds, wouldn't be eligible.

Illegal is illegal and our government needs to open their eyes to how these millions of illegal immigrants are financially draining our country and depriving American citizens of all that should be theirs.

Jill Bausch

Crescent City

Harbor District is not working fast enough to get things doneOn Tuesday evening I sat at the Harbor District meeting with 28 fisherman who were seeking answers to a list of questions. When will the inner boat basin be operational and what is the timeline for getting the work done? Why, especially with the 2006 tsunami, don't we have a dredge permit in place? Why didn't we test the bottom of the boat basin in 2006? Why didn't they figure out at that time where to place the dredge material?

Hoping for answers and getting none.

Hoping for strong resolve from our elected officials, we saw none.

The many fisherman in attendance left this meeting truly frustrated and disappointed. Our concerns about returning our harbor as quickly as possible into operation is hopelessly mired down in the inability of the board to give clear direction to staff.

The staff clearly control the recovery project and speed, and which directions and actions are taken. This is an emergency but unfortunately we have people treating this like it's just another day at the office. The Harbor District and employees at the harbor clearly do not view their duties toward the harbor's recovery as an ongoing emergency. It's a shame!

Mike and Phyllis Rickner

Crescent City

Children should know: Teachers,textbooks are not always rightWhen my children were in school I told them that teachers are not always right and also textbooks are not always right, and most times, if textbooks lean, they lean to the left, not the right. So be careful what you read and always keep an open mind.

My youngest son (when he was a 5-year-old in first grade) caught his teacher in a spelling mistake. I was in the classroom that day as a parent volunteer and the word was a dinosaur name (a hard word). James asked me what he should do about it. I said, "Tell her."

He did and she apologized for the goof and praised him for finding the error.

Good show, James!

Patricia Thorpe

Crescent City