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Ruling only requires half of state prisons to fix their overcrowding

Regarding the May 26 article in The Daily Triplicate about Pelican Bay State Prison, "One of the least overcrowded," CDCR spokeswoman Terry Thornton's statements reflect exactly why CDCR is not able to solve its problems and long-time failing policies.

She states, "Some facilities may retain population even in excess (of the average) provided others fall sufficiently below it." In other words, if CDCR fixes only half of its prisons' overcrowding, the overall population will drop enough to meet the court's order.

However, the problem with that thinking is that the entire lawsuit

was based on unconstitutional medical care caused by prison overcrowding

at all prisons. So, while overcrowding may be fixed in some prisons to

meet the overall average, and assuming the medical care is fixed as

well, the remaining will still be in the same dire conditions which will

continue to be the cause of more individual lawsuits against those

individual prisons.

CDCR should not half-step. Now is the time to fix the whole problem

once and for all. This type of rationale by CDCR is what got it into the

mess it's in now, and this sort of fuzzy math only fools those who look

no further than the first page.

Until the medical departments at each prison make their own

improvements and seriously make attempts to fill vacant medical

positions as well as improve the inmate-patient doctor relationship that

must exist in order to gain effective results in treatment, any

improvements will be slow if at all.

Based on these statements made by CDCR it does not seem likely that

CDCR will take this opportunity to fix the problems. Instead it will

continue to ride the "tough on crime" wave to nowhere. As spokeswoman

Terry Thornton stated, "Whatever the plan may be, it's not going to

release prisoners."

That said, we all can assume from experience, these statements and

the record of CDCR that whatever the plan is, it's not going to work!

Counting on counties to house some of their own low level prisoners is

absolutely a fantasy! It was just a few years ago that Los Angeles

County closed down several of its county facilities and released

thousands of low-level offenders early. Passing the buck won't cut it

and shuffling the deck only delays the inevitable.

It will be up to the public who foots the bill to force changes. It

can start by amending the three strikes law to its original intent and

get rid of the current version that the public was duped into voting


Gabriel Reyes

Pelican Bay State Prison inmate

Crescent City

Weiner's disturbed mind came up with health care reform bill

Thank God we have such great congressmen like Anthony Weiner. We need

disturbed minds like his to come up with such great legislation like

the health care bill.

Anthony Weiner actually bragged about the fact that it was he who

wrote that asinine 2,800-page bill. Anthony Weiner has no reason to

apologize to the American people for being a disgusting, sick puppy. He

obviously cannot help it.

The Democratic Party needs to issue a formal apology to the entire

country for putting that fried Weiner in a leadership position in the

first place. There is no good, logical reason for a bill to be so long

in the first place. The health care bill was designed to punish the

enemies and reward the friends of the Democratic Party. This would be

known as legalized bribery and is unworthy of our democratic republic.

The health care bill should be withdrawn by Nancy Pelosi and

President Obama as soon as possible. Back to the drawing board. By the

way, I heard that Anthony Weiner will be running on a third party

presidential ticket with Oscar Meyer. Everybody just loves an Oscar

Meyer weiner! God Bless America!

Joe Thomas

Brookings, Ore.