Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Regardless of views, there's no reason to be abusive at meeting

I went to the City Council meeting June 6 to speak on behalf of the police and fire departments regarding safety in our community.

When I arrived, I saw several people with "NO BID" signs. There was several people who spoke very well and with respect for all and I really wanted to hear what they had to say. Then there were those who threatened the City Council. Some were vulgar, abusive, yelling out from the audience, and downright mean!

Whether your are for or against the Business Improvement District,

there is no reason to act that way and have no respect for others. I was

disgusted and embarrassed that some of my fellow community citizens

acted this way. Grow up!

Patricia Slert

Crescent City

Editor's note: Patricia Slert is the wife of Mayor Charles Slert.

Special thanks to Castle Rock and scholarship foundation

Maya and I have been through some hard times: our loss of Bob,

neighborhood harassment and some prejudice about Maya being a Castle

Rock student.

We were both deeply touched by the Del Norte Scholarship Foundation

scholarships that Maya received. It was way beyond our wildest dreams!

As a parent, I know that Maya has worked hard, and with good grace,

throughout her life. The support that the community showed her was

stupendous. Words cannot express the load that has been lifted from both

of our hearts and minds.

We deeply appreciate each and every one of the scholarships. We also

give a special thanks to Dennis Burns and all of the Castle Rock staff

for their support and encouragement. Again, thank you for helping my

girl achieve her dreams!

Lisa Weaver Kramer