Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Walmart's efforts to support cities worthy of commendation

In regards to the June 14 article "Walmart donates $40,000 for harbor," I have heard from friends, family and Walmart employees from California to North Carolina about how Walmart is for the lower class? I have probably even agreed from time to time depending on the city.

I have to say I need to commend Walmart for the efforts to support

their cities nationwide. Most especially for their extreme efforts and

donation to the community I now consider home.

I have amended my thinking in regards to Walmart.

Deborah McKinley

Crescent City

Gov. Brown complicit in taking from poor to benefit the rich

Complicit Gov. Jerry Brown, representing all of the people of the

state of California in the year of 2011, month of July, hereby picks on

the poor of California by cutting their SSI allotment so that rich

people who put him in office can play golf on public greens fertilized

by working class taxes.

Those that are penalized, the poor, the ones on the outside of power, are denied to enrich the wealthy.

Al Kay

Crescent City

Ongoing culture war against pot in U.S. a failure that should end

Regarding Robert DeRego's thoughtful June 4 Coastal Voices piece,

"The case for cannabis," the drug war is largely a war on marijuana

smokers. In 2009, there were 858,405 marijuana arrests in the United

States, almost 90 percent for simple possession.

At a time when state and local governments are laying off police,

firefighters and teachers, this country continues to spend enormous

public resources criminalizing Americans who prefer marijuana to

martinis. The end result of this ongoing culture war is not necessarily

lower rates of use.

The U.S. has higher rates of marijuana use than the Netherlands,

where marijuana is legally available. Decriminalization is a long

overdue step in the right direction. Taxing and regulating marijuana

would render the drug war obsolete. As long as organized crime controls

distribution, marijuana consumers will come into contact with sellers of

hard drugs like methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin.

This "gateway" is a direct result of marijuana prohibition.

Robert Sharpe

Common Sense for Drug Policy

Washington, DC.

Save lives, save govt. money: Call for ending military ops

This letter aims toward encouraging people's active involvement in

relation to removing the U.S. military presence in Iraq, Pakistan,

Afghanistan and Libya. Individuals can call or write their congressman

or senator encouraging the need for U.S. withdrawal.

There is a big need for peace as well as efforts which will work

toward taking away immoderate military oriented expenditures (drone

attacks, private contractors, etc.) There is also the high cost of

returning veteran health care benefits. There is also a need to stop

multiple combat deployment (up to five reported). It's no wonder there

is such a high incidence of PTSD - post traumatic stress disorder.

So far there have not been enough votes to pass a resolution for

withdrawal. By telling your representatives about the need to bring our

troops home, hopefully we will be able to initiate action and achieve

results to bring peace as well as saving taxpayer money.

Thank you for your kind and cooperative attention.

Roger Wilson Galbraith

Crescent City