Del Norte Triplicate Readers

County's treatment of animals is disgusting - demand change

In regards to the lack of support in saving the animals of Del Norte County, I am disgusted with the county as a whole.

On April 5 I finally won an ugly battle with the Ag Department to save a wrongfully neglected and mistreated horse. This horse suffered for years. While Animal Control recieved many calls over that period of time, the horse was left to suffer. That is until I laid eyes up close on this heartbreaking creature and demanded somebody do something.

The department was quick to send it back to its owner in fear of the financial responsibility to save its life.

The poor dog left down at the harbor is not alone ("Cowardly owner

neglects dog, and Sheriff's Office doesn't help"). There are animals

large and small suffering in our county and nobody who is responsibe for

saving them!

We need to stand together and demand a change.

Megan Lambson

Crescent City

Apologies if ad hurt reputations, but data was from school district

First, I would like to apologize to those who were offended by the

informational ad of May 19 regarding salaries and benefits in the Del

Norte Unified School District.

Apparently, "total compensation" did not mean "total" in 2008-2009.

So those numbers should have been larger, thereby lowering the

percentage of increase for benefits by 2011. The point of the ad was to

try to have increases and other disparities part of the equation when it

comes to the proposed layoffs/cuts in the schools; for the sake of


In my defense, the information used came from the district, was

circulated within the district and brought up verbally to the board and

administration at a Board Meeting prior to the ad, with no response.

Even if I had known to request more accurate information on the subject,

would I have gotten it with as fast a response as I did to the ad (same


California School Employees Association leadership had to wait six

months for information regarding calculations of health and welfare

funds. How about complete information?

My intention was not to hurt anybody's reputation by my ad. However I

am surprised the administration doesn't know (as I have learned)

consequences for information that is not complete, accurate, easily

verifiable or given in a timely manner. And if one accounts items

differently from year to year, what happens to totals and how would you

know? My desire is for equity for classification in the process.

Mike Wylie

Crescent City