Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Allow off-roading to kill off area's non-native beach grass

There is a field of study called "Patch Dynamics" (White and Pickett, a rather thick book). It describes how nature's calamities, such as a huge storm, or even the natural fall of a single tree, can create opportunities for certain species which, oddly, actually are attuned to such things occurring.

Locally it's native beach plants that need disturbance to complete their life cycles. I studied this phenomenon as a graduate student in Range Ecology; it is well documented. What does that have to do with here and now, at our closed to-vehicles dunes?

As most know, the dunes around the mouth of the Smith River and elsewhere, have been stabilized all too well from their natural drifting-about state by a non-native beachgrass. Why don't we cordon off, say 10 acres at a time, in areas totally blanketed with the stuff, and let all comers ride trucks, motorcycles, dune buggies, what-have-you, all over the area; until the grasses are all killed off and the dunes blowing about again?

If we train the riders to respect the no-ride status on other "treated" areas, the spot can then be closed, a new one opened up; and native species can be reseeded/planted. It would be a grand experiment, and what do we have to lose?

The area is already ruined, so we might as well try something this "radical." All we have to be mindful of is the Plover bird's need to nest in season. Otherwise, why not do something both fun, and likely sensible, ecologically-speaking? Oregon seems to be (inadvertently) way ahead on this, perhaps?

Hilary John Herman

Crescent City

Sutter Coast mistreatment spurs practice to move to Brookings

I am writing to set the record straight regarding my medical practice

plans that have been circulating for the past six months. I will be

relocating my medical practice to Brookings in September.

My decision is based upon my opinion that I have been mistreated by

Sutter Coast Hospital and a few of the previous and current

Sutter-employed physicians.

We could have left the area entirely, but we choose to bring a new

concept to this area called continuity of care. I have been offered

numerous positions in other areas, but, I cannot conscientiously leave

my patients in that predicament.

I will retain my California license and my staff privileges at Sutter

Coast Hospital until the new facility is up and running in Brookings.

Life is about choices and I have made my choice to spend the remaining

15 years of my medical career building something positive and practicing

in an environment of hope, care and mutual respect.

Dr. Jim Morrow

Crescent City

Small business owners in city should keep eye on BID issue

This Business Improvement District issue is just getting way out of

hand. It has become a much larger issue. The new issue is whether or not

certain members of the City Council will represent the will of the


The fact is there have been two surveys conducted to get a feel for

how the business owners and licensees downtown feel about BID. Both

surveys overwhelmingly reflect that they do not wish to participate in

the BID.

Some of the City Council members refused to accept the results of the

first "unofficial"?survey and proceeded to conduct their own survey,

which confirmed the results of the first survey but since it did not

support the wishes of those members, they decided to ignore both surveys

and keep the BID anyway.

This decision has resulted in a lot of resentment and anger from a

lot of the downtown businesses. In regards to a previous letter

("Regardless of views, there's no reason to be abusive at meeting," June

15, Patricia Slert), which described some of the audience members at

the last City Council meeting as "vulgar, abusive," I attended that

meeting and I can tell you firsthand that there was no vulgar or abusive

statements made by anyone in the audience or at the podium from either

side of the issue that I observed.

There was a statement made by one business owner who said he would

fund a candidate to replace members of the City Council who choose to

keep BID. In my opinion, this statement was neither vulgar nor abusive,

but this man's right as an American to state his opinion on a political


I would strongly urge all citizens of Crescent City to view this City

Council meeting and see for yourself that everyone conducted themselves

in a diplomatic and civil manner. Go to, on the right

hand side of the homepage, click on "City Council Meeting Webcasts"? and

click on 6/6/11.

I would also urge all small business owners in Crescent City (not

just downtown) to pay attention to this issue because it may affect you

too down the road!

Melanie Kime

Crescent City

Editor's note: On June 6, the City Council chose to not continue

funding the BID with member fees.

Congress is no longer relevant; maybe we should get rid of it

After reading that the elected officials in the U.S. Congress had

lower scores in a test on the meaning of the Constitution, its legal

principles and the historical facts about the founders who wrote it, I

was deeply disturbed.

In thinking about this, thus analyzing the actions of both parties

who have controlled congress, I have become a political atheist. I

notice they seem not to represent the middle class voters. They do seem

concerned with the special interest groups, lobbyists, unions and

multi-national corporations that pay for their campaigns.

Maybe this is why the country is going bankrupt, why Congress failed

to balance the budget, and is happy burdening future generations with

unsustainable debt. Maybe that is why so many manufacturing plants have

closed in the USA and we've lost so many blue-collar, middle-class jobs.

So I have concluded Congress is no longer relevant. We do not need

it. The Swiss are one of the few countries in the world that have a

direct vote on all major issues. That is right ... the middle class

voter gets to decide what laws are passed by direct vote.

Since Congress will not fix any problems, maybe we are better off

without Congress? Maybe we need a constitutional ammendment for a direct

vote. Maybe the middle class would finally have a voice? Surely we are

worse off with the dummies we have elected in Congress. The fact is "we

the people" have the edge over Congress!

Ronald Plechaty

Crescent City

Keep high school campus closed during lunch period(s)

Our nation, state and county are concerned about the nutrition of our

youth. Having a closed campus at the high school would allow at least

one meal per day to be healthy.

The reason given for not having a closed campus is that there isn't

enough room for all of the students at one time. That problem would be

eliminated if the school rearranged the schedule and had staggered lunch


Many schools throughout the country do this successfully. That would

eliminate children walking to the gas station and purchasing energy

drinks and other junk food, and would also reduce tardies.

A police officer wouldn't be needed to monitor the reckless driving

during lunch. If you really want to do something about the health and

nutrition of our youth, control the one thing that you're able to -

school lunches.

J.W. Self

Crescent City