I would like to thank Del Norte County residents for superior help recently.

Having been raised in Crescent City (a 1999 Del Norte High School graduate), I developed a deep love and respect for the natural beauty of the area. When life gets hectic I enjoy taking a trip up to Crescent City to spend time with friends and family, relax and find refreshment in the majestic beauty of the redwood forests.

I spent the weekend of June 10-12 on vacation, camping at Florence Keller Park. I came up from Sacramento hoping for a relaxing weekend in the trees and playing on the beach. Unfortunately that wasn't how the weekend unfolded.

On Saturday, I left my campsite and headed to the Point St. George area for some tide-pooling fun. When I returned to the park that evening, the camp host met me at my car to inform me that my campsite had been vandalized.

What a mess it was! Someone had come into my site and completely tore

it up! All of my camping gear was taken along with clothing, bedding,

pillows, my hiking pack and my Epiphone acoustic/electric guitar. What

was left behind was covered in ice, water and egg yolks or smashed into

the ground and scattered all over the site.

I was instantly in a state of shock and began grieving immediately. I

would like to publicly thank the camp's host, who showed me nothing but

sincere apologies and support. He called the Sheriff's Office and was

by my side as I began to clean up and take inventory of what I had left.

Because he saw the mess before I did, he even salvaged a few

possessions he thought I might find valuable and hung on to them until

he saw me. He brought trash bags for me to fill up with the garbage that

was left behind, refunded my camp fees and volunteered to dispose of

the trash himself. He even offered me free firewood if I made the

decision to stay at camp that night.

His support was much appreciated, and I believe he went "above and

beyond" his call of duty to make sure I wasn't alone and assured me that

my safety was of uttermost importance to him.

I would also like to thank Deputy Ortega for his quick response to

the scene and his kind and understanding demeanor. He was professional

and polite; even letting me know his schedule for the evening and

ensuring me that I could call him directly if I saw the thief return or

ran into him while I was in town.

Also, thank you Renner Patriot Mart! I purchased two bundles of

firewood shortly before heading back to my campsite, and when I

explained that my site had been vandalized, they took the wood back and

refunded my money.

I love Crescent City. I know that the people there are kind and

generous and full of good will (with the exception of the dirt bag that

interrupted my peaceful weekend).

I wanted to send all of Crescent City my thanks. I was moved and

humbled by the generosity and kindness that I was shown from seemingly

complete strangers. I feel like these are the values that I was raised

with in Crescent City (it takes a village) and I am so pleased to see

that the heart of Crescent City is still intact.

Kindness, courtesy and love. Thank you Crescent City for making the

choice to be so amazing.

Sarah Randow is a former local resident who now lives in the

Sacramento area.