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Fast-food restaurants have no business asking for your name

I see that some of the fast-food places have now decided to use a little polite blackmail to collect personal names to claim your order.

State Law SB262 (the paparazzi act) specifically forbids such actions. The courts have ruled that, on a cash transaction, no personal information shall be extracted, since coin-of-the realm (money) is all that is necessary.

Oh well, I guess there is still no law north of the Klamath

Claude Schwaninger

Crescent City

Strong team of caring physicians at work at Sutter Coast Hosptial

The opinion is nothing more then personal perspective of a situation

at hand.

With that in mind, I would like to take a moment of time to express

my "opinion" of the recent acrimonious remarks about Sutter Coast

Hospital and the physicians at hand ("Sutter Coast mistreatment spurs

practice to move to Brookings," Jim Morrow, June 21).

I have spent many years working in different areas of the hospital,

all clinical, so I have had an up close and personal view of most all of

the staff at Sutter and feel as a small community we have been very

lucky to have gained a strong team of caring physicians. As a clinical

member of the health-care family, my part is small but crucial in

evaluating a patient's health.

So while working in the background I have seen some amazing

situations; for example, I have seen a doctor pray with a patient at the

patient's request. I have seen doctors hold their patient's hand and

cry with them; I have stood on the sidelines of traumas watching our own

emergency room physicians preparing for what's about to come rushing

through their doors, always on guard and ready to take action.

These physicians are the leaders in our health-care family guiding us

to the well being of our patients. So as I said before, this is just my

personal perspective of what I see every day.

Christie Walker

Crescent City

Did not see alleged rude behavior at recent City Council meeting

Regarding Patricia Slert's letter ("Regardless of views, there's no

reason to be abusive at meeting," June 15), apparently she was not at

the same meeting I was at.

I'm new to this area and just started working here in Crescent City.

At the City Council meeting of June 6, no one there was rude or

disrespectful to anyone on the council or to any one in the audience.

What the people were asking was for the council to listen to them, which

is something they have not done for several years

The only one that spoke out of turn answered a question that was

asked directly of him. So please, City Council, start listening to the


Dee Word

Crescent City