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Tea Party's funders want return to 19th Century exploitation

I keep reading and hearing about the Tea Party and its activities in Crescent City. They portray themselves as a grassroots group of everyday Americans. Probably many of the Tea Party members in Crescent City are just that, but I wonder if those who are "average Joes" realize that those who originated and heavily finance the Tea Party are not ordinary, working-class Americans.

When one traces the origin of the Tea Party, one soon comes to the names of some of America's wealthiest people, namely the Kansas oil billionaires, the brothers Charles and David Koch. Each Koch brother is believed to be worth $21.5 billion according to Forbes magazine.

These people start and provide financial backing for

harmless-sounding front groups that promote extremely conservative

causes. They are against labor unions, (they have been strong financial

backers of Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin who this last spring worked so

hard to destroy Wisconsin's public employee unions) environmental

regulations, health care legislation, anti-tobacco legislation, etc.

They are against practically anything considered progressive. In

short, they are for 19th century exploitative capitalism, ala Charles

Dickens. Long term, their goal is to reduce working class people to

conditions of serfdom or near slavery. This means starvation wages, no

medical care, no retirement benefits, etc. Back to the good old 19th


The Koches work through "front groups" with nice-sounding names, such

as Americans for Prosperity (the AFP) and even "Tea Party Patriots."

Americans for Prosperity has been a major organizer of the Tea Party

movement, providing much funding for it.

I urge you who read this not to just take my work for it. Get online,

go to various websites concerning the Tea Party and see what you think

after investigating it. Does the Tea Party really sound like a truly

spontaneous grassroots movement, or is it really just a front for

extremely wealthy Americans who want to be like the "robber barons" of


Google topics like Americans for Prosperity, Tea Party financiers,

the Koch family, the Koch brothers, Clarence Thomas and his wife

Virginia (Tea Party organizers). You might find it interesting and quite

frightening in some cases.

Allen C. Johnson


Writer unaware Sodom story points finger at homophobes

I wonder if Patricia Thorpe ("Homosexuality, perversions common now,

but still wrong," June 22) knows any gay men or lesbians here in

Crescent City. There are a few of us, not many.

We don't go around trying to rape strangers like the men of Sodom.

She might want to reread the story, too, or just think about it.

I look at it as a story of homophobia. Two very pretty, somewhat

effeminate-looking men show up in Sodom. The townsfolk are outraged by

this gay couple and decide to teach them a lesson by raping them. They

are thwarted by Lot, the one good guy in town, who takes in the two men

and protects them. Of course, the two men are not a gay couple, but

angels sent to warn Lot that the town will be destroyed.

Maybe we can learn from this story not to attack a whole group of

people based on how they look or a dubious interpretation of a Bible

story. Better to see the image of the divine in everyone. You never know

who might really be an angel.

Barry Wendell

Crescent City