Triplicate Staff

County employees should take a lesson from entrepreneurs

Regarding the photo accompanying the June 24 article, "County employees hold protests," the sign said "Can you survive on a 12.5 percent pay cut?" The answer is, yes I can, because we did, and we didn't even get to vote to decide if it would be 12.5 percent or 5 percent. It just happened; it's called "the economy."

My husband owns his own construction company. At the beginning of this year he went at least six weeks without work. He didn't have the luxury of unemployment insurance, he didn't have anyone to point the finger at to blame, to say "cut from the top," "raise taxes." Nope, he just sharpened his pencil, beat the pavement and went looking for work.

Eventually the calls started coming and he is back in full swing,

busier than ever. He is even turning down work. We weathered the storm,

and we did it without a handout, a bailout or a cop-out. It's called

life, and we used our personal responsibility to get through it.

I think a majority of the population needs to take a refresher course

on economics. Money, revenue and wealth don't just happen. They are

created by hard-working entrepreneurs who take a risk. Get out there and

take your risk and stop relying on others for your lot in life.

Patricia Murray

Crescent City

July 4th fireworks: Please protect your pets, warn other with pets

While we gear up for the big Independence Day celebration, remember

our furry four-legged friends do not understand the meaning of the

exciting fireworks, and many are severely frightened, if not downright

traumatized, by the noise.

Panicked animals can go to unpredictable lengths to escape the

perceived danger. Please make sure your pets and livestock are safe and

secure over the holiday, and remind your visitors to do the same.

Should you have the need to deploy noise-making fireworks on a day

other than the Fourth of July, please notify those who live near enough

to hear them, so animals (and humans) can be prepared.

Let's have a happy and safe holiday for our two- and four-legged


Shelly Peandntilde;a

Crescent City