Del Norte Triplicate Readers

To person who took my cane: How can you sleep at night?

There must be some pretty hard up people and with no thought of someone else to steal a walking cane from Shop Smart the other day.

I was in there for just a few minutes, set my cane down to get my purse to pay for my merchandise, I was in a hurry to get out to the car, where someone waited who was kind enough to take me to the store. Of course I forgot my cane and, when I got into the car, wondered why my hip was hurting.

By the time I got to the next errand, I had remembered that I left my cane at the store. My friend was kind enough to go back for me while I finished my business and get the cane. But much to her surprise, it was gone.

Someone couldn't resist being dishonest and took the cane that was

sized to fit me. It was too much trouble for them to turn it in to store

personnel. I am glad we only have a handful of these types of people in

this nice little town.

The person who took the cane, how can you sleep at night? I hope you

needed it worse than I do. If you want to do something nice, return the

cane to the store, I will get it.

Rita Moore

Crescent City

Classified employee touched by acknowledgment at graduation

I recently attended the Del Norte High School graduation ceremony and

would like to comment on one of the valedictorian speeches.

Over the years I have listened to many speeches and they have all had

one thing in common, each graduate thanks parents and teachers for all

their support. But on June 17, one young man thanked another group of

people who also supported him over the years, the classified staff.

Class co-valedictorian Daniel Duncan thanked all those people who are

first to the school each morning and the last to leave in the evening.

He acknowledged the contribution of custodians, secretaries, library

technicians, cafeteria staff and all classified employees who make sure

students have a safe, clean, nurturing environment in which to learn.

As a classified employee who has worked the past 19 years providing

library services to students in Del Norte County School District, I was

touched to have a student publicly acknowledge the contributions made by

myself and my fellow classified employees.

Michele Bradley

DNHS library services coordinator

Crescent City