Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Inhumane isolation in SHU vital reason for inmates' hunger strike

It seems that all your readers believe that this hunger strike at Pelican Ban State Prison is for food rations! It is not only that, but inhumane, indefinite confinement in the Secure Housing Unit.

Some have been in there for 30 years with no contact with family members who are too sick or old to travel up here.

This isolation is against the United Nations and our Constitution.

The food is just one of the protests that are on the table.

So please print this as they, the readers, are being misled by those that feel it is okay to throw away the key and let them live in total isolation!

Josie Ruiz

Crescent City

Unapologetic driver made no effort to avoid killing our cat

It's amazing to me that some people can be so callous. I realize that

not every person is an animal lover. But there are those of us who

consider our pets members of our families. Don't discount us just

because you are not one of us.

This letter is directed to the man who killed our cat. Obviously it

didn't bother you when you didn't even slow your truck as he hunkered

down for a playful pounce on the neighbor's rabbit.

Neither did the scream from our front yard bother you as the young

man who rescued him as a kitten watched as you thoughtlessly crushed his

skull and kept going. You had no concern for the teenage boy who had to

retrieve the cat and bury him and then bring a second cat into the

house because he refused to leave the place where his housemate had

died. Yes, cats have more feelings than you.

I understand that accidents happen and sometimes terrible things

cannot be avoided. This act was witnessed, was not an accident and could

definitely have been avoided with a slight shift of the foot from the

gas pedal. After catching up with you and confronting you, your attitude

of "It was just a cat," appalled me. Where does that attitude stop? "It

was just a dog," "It was just a kid," "She's just a woman." Do you have

any respect?

There has been a police report filed. Fortunately there are even

members of law enforcement who are "one of us."

James Wilson

Crescent City