Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Wing Wah, Seaside Espresso vandals: What's wrong with us?

What is happening in our little community? One nasty break-in and one attempted break-in over the Fourth of July weekend.

Windows were broken at Seaside Espresso, but they could not get in and the business sustained only broken windows.

Unfortunately Wing Wah was not so fortunate. Burglars broke into Wing Wah and held the owner at knifepoint. Because there was little cash available, they proceeded to wreck the restaurant. The thugs got little from the restaurant but they caused much damage requiring the restaurant to close until they could clean everything and put things back.

This will cost not only the owners but all the employees. I don't know what drives people to be so mean and angry.

Cathy Despres

Crescent City

Thanks to all those that helped put a drug supplier behind bars

Thanks to many for ending a nightmare that had lasted over two years.

A drug supplier who opened his house to druggies and felons has been

put in jail, rewarding efforts by many who did not give up in the face

of adversity. Due to the extraordinary efforts and the long hours of

hard work put forth by Jon Alexander, district attorney; Sheriff's

Deputy Griffin; Dave Mason, county code enforcement; Dave Finigan,

county supervisor; our county health department and all the neighbors

who joined together to rid our community of this blight on our lives,

Del Norte County is safer and a little more drug-free.

Without the support of the District Attorney's Office, the Sheriff's

Office, county agencies and strong determination on the part of our

neighborhood watch group, we would still have druggies and criminals

wandering about our yards and roads. We can now walk unthreatened to our

mailboxes, work in our yards without being accosted by vicious dogs and

sleep at night without wondering when the next party, shooting, fight

or loud drug sale would break into our dreams.

While our judicial system may grind away slowly, it is gratifying to

know it works, down to the judge heeding our words when reading the

letters we wrote explaining what we, as a community, had been through,

all because of one or two people in one house in one neighborhood.

I hope all people in this community, which has so much to offer, will

continue to fight against the blight meth can create. Bit by bit those

of us that don't want this drug affecting our lives can eradicate it as

we join together to say "no." Today one more "bad guy" is behind bars.

Thank you, Jon Alexander, for attending so many neighborhood watch

meetings, as did Dave Mason and Dave Finigan. You gave us hope and kept

us moving forward.

Joanna Hawley-Jones

Crescent City

Running a photo of child rafting without a life jacket was wrong

Your paper ran a photo on the front page of a man and young boy

shooting the rapids during last year's Gasquet Raft Race. That photo

caused me great concern as the young boy has no life jacket on! By

printing such a picture you are condoning the lack of proper safety


In the wake of the tragic incident of July Fourth, I would hope that

all families realize the importance of children wearing approved life

jackets. Our rivers are swollen, swift and very cold due to late rain

and snow melt.

Parents, please make sure your family has an extra layer of safety by

ensuring your children have on approved life jackets. Even strong

swimmers can become exhausted in cold water or hurt in swiftly moving

currents, especially if they are tubing or rafting. It may be a clichandeacute;,

but "better safe than sorry" is very, very true.

Valerie Machado

Fort Dick