Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Should our tax dollars be used to support criminals?

Regarding the hunger strike at Pelican Bay State Prison, inmates want to live free and easy with the best of everything. Then stick you with the bill. What have convicted felons done to demand more from taxpayers?

Wait-staff, baristas, employees, and other workers that do a great job may deserve more pay or a generous tip, but gang members, rapists, child molesters, murderers, robbers, drug dealers, pimps? Why should these criminals expect more than the basics?

Inmates are guaranteed three meals a day with veggie, kosher, halal, gluten-free, and low sodium options; medical, dental, vision, and mental health care are free; housing that is warm in winter and cool all summer. Clothing, shoes, toiletries, stamped envelopes and paper to write on, library books, electricity and cable for their TVs along with many other "rights and privileges" all paid for by you, the taxpayer.

The victims of crime and their families are guaranteed nothing but

the obligation to pay taxes that fund the "rights and privileges" of the

criminals who caused pain or loss. The victim is forced by the

government to pay the bills for the criminal. The people of California

are facing economic ruin, losing jobs, homes, and cars. Many can only

afford the essentials and some less than that. It is time for the

politicians in Sacramento to say no to criminals. No more living better

than taxpayers and victims. No convicted felon should receive better

care than any victim or law-abiding citizen!

Prison should be punishment for being evil, instead it is like

vacation or summer camp. Ball games, pizza, burgers, arts and crafts,

visits with friends and family, books and magazines, cards, chess and

checkers, TV and music - how is this punishment? California could save

billions of dollars by just saying no to criminals.

Children, seniors, vets, those with special needs, schools, roadways,

parks; all these and more would benefit from dollars not spent on

criminals. Should our tax money support criminals or benefit law-abiding

citizens? The inmates are correct, the prison system needs reform.

Prison should be hard, uncomfortable and a deterrent to crime.

Joe Albertson

Crescent City

Greatly appreciate Trone's column on Warrior sports over the years

I just wanted to say how much we have appreciated Dick Trone's column

in the newspaper.

He writes well and continually reminds us of all the people that have

been important in the sports community over the years.

Not only did I teach with Dick for many years, but he was also in

high school when I was a student there.

Billie Hall

Smith River

Please come out and support the local Relay for Life event next week

While your newspaper has given me many topics which I could write

about, i.e. inmates on hunger strike or the Three Strikes Law, look for a

letter from me on this in the future.

I have chosen to use my letter to the editor allotment to comment on

the upcoming American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. First, thank all

of you that have contributed with time or money, or both to support this

very worthwhile event. Secondly, please come out to the Del Norte High

School track on Saturday and Sunday, July 23-24, 10 a.m.-10 a.m., to

support the teams that are working there.

They will have food to sell you and a silent auction for you to

participate in as well as a good time and a good feeling of supporting

those battling cancer and helping to find a cure.

Remember, cancer knows no economic situation nor economic hardships

... we need to support finding a cure now more than ever, so come on out

and remember those in your life that have had to deal with this dreaded

disease. We'll be looking for you there.

Phil Jamieson

Crescent City

We need to do something so prisoners won't enjoy Death Row

I have been studying the death penalty and I think that if we became

more like Texas, there wouldn't be as many people on Death Row as there

are now.

What Texas is trying to do is when there are three or more witnesses

to a murder, the accused would go straight to the head of the line,

instead of just letting them live longer than they should. It would help

decrease the population on Death Row.

There are so many that live off our money that have been on Death Row

most of their lives.

We need to do something so they don't enjoy being on Death Row. Stop

them from having cell phones, TVs and computers. They do the crime so

they should not have these things. They don't deserve these things. If

there are three witnesses, they should get the chair right away. No

"ifs" or "ands" on the subject.

Suzanne Littlefair

Crescent City

Upset about an anonymous letter critical of the Klamath Fire District

I am very upset regarding the anonymous anti-Klamath Fire Protection

District letter I received in the U.S. Mail from some cowardly person.

First of all, did this person even attend the informational meeting held

by the KFPD explaining its request for $25 in additional funds to

repair, maintain existing equipment and training for the volunteers who

do this without pay and leave their jobs to save lives and property?

This is not a business. The volunteers are just that, unpaid members

of the community, willing to help save life and property day or night

24/7. They work with old, outdated trucks and engines that are

"band-aided" often to keep them operational. Give these volunteers a

little of what they need by voting yes on the ballot for an increase of

$25 a year - yes, I stated a year - which is a little more than $2 per


The anonymous letter has several misleading or false accusations in

it, such as a mention of being taxed without your permission. We have a

vote for yea or nay on the increase proposal. The increase will not

increase any individual's income, but the income of the fire district.

If you don't ask questions at meetings, or telephone the KFPD chief, it

is your own fault!

If your property or someone needing medical help does not get such

help due to faulty, old equipment needing maintenance or repair it is

your own fault for turning the community against such a necessary

increase in funds for the Klamath Fire Protection District.

Richard Wendt


Bite the bullet now before we incur even more debt in the U.S.

The European Union members seeking financial bailouts have 100

percent plus debt to gross domestic product! In other words, more debt

than the total output of all goods and services produced in their

respective countries.

At the current spending rate in the United States, we will reach a 90

percent debt to GDP ratio in 2012. This will lead to even slower

economic growth and higher unemployment than current levels. That means

no money for many - and I mean many - programs.

I say bite the bullet now before we incur more debt that cannot be

repaid. By the way, I am 72 years old and receive Social Security so I

could be affected by this, but I'll be darned if I will voluntarily

burden my grandchildren with this current debt.

This country is in the control of lunatics!

Jerry Jared

Smith River