Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Word of advice for the strikers

at Pelican Bay State Prison

Regarding the Pelican Bay State Prison hunger strike, if the prisoners don't like the accommodations, don't come back.

Richard Cola

Smith River

Local anglers see no need for another layer of regulations

Regarding the Tuesday article, "State program could attract more

anglers," to Zack Larson and Roger Bloom and others who feel the need to

pile another layer of government regulations on to fishing on the Smith

River: We, the local anglers, don't need anymore of your interference.

Regarding catch-and-release, there is nothing wrong with catching and

eating a fish. Every time more regulations are put in place, people

like my son Dan are "kicked to the curb" because unforseen consequences


He has special needs and with each new regulation, his ability to be

successful in fishing is diminished. The local anglers' ability to fish

the Smith River will also be diminished as more anglers will require

even more restrictions in order to protect our nature resources.

Stephen George

Crescent City

Grateful to see an increase in drivers stopping for pedestrians

In the past few weeks, I have noticed the marked improvement of

drivers here in Crescent City with respect to the rights of pedestrians.

Many more drivers are stopping and waving this pedestrian across the

street. Thank you, drivers! I really appreciate this courtesy!

Ellen Hawken

Crescent City

A message to the thieves who continue robbing from me

This is a message to the thieves who keep hurting me.

You see, this little nerd is a true nerd. There is a saying that

"Nerds Rule." Well, they do. You can't live with us and you cannot live

without us.

That mobile phone you carry? I helped with parts of the network and

technologies that make that little gadget powerful and awesome.

That auction site you sell your stolen goods on? Well, I led 15

programmers on a magical programming session that brought two

internationally known companies together.

That broadband you downloaded all your illegal music on? Well, I

helped lead the crusade many years ago now that got a cable company to

buy into the idea that this is the area to invest in.

That balloon of big names doing cheap Internet to take on the big

dogs? Well, amazingly enough, I'm that guy who helped develop key

components to make this possible.

I work every day. Yet, the other day I had to file for food stamps

because thieves stole my generator yet again. This is the generator that

would enable me to work from home and continue to live cheap so I could

make something of myself. This time they drove a vehicle through my

front gate and drove past my dogs to get it. Thieves will stop at

nothing to get what they want.

I make very little money. In fact, I think I made $216 so far in

July. I work a minimum of 40 hours a week. How can that be? Well, simple

really. The work I do benefits others.

I could go on, but why? Thieves do not care.

Nicholas Maietta

Crescent City