Del Norte Triplicate Readers

There should be some type of business group in downtown

I would hope our new city manager owns a pair of running shoes. Why do I say this? I believe he is entering a race against time. Crescent City is facing a number of problems that need to be solved before we become a ghost town.

The main problem is the economy. Let's face it. There are no real jobs here.

Until my City Council creates a climate for new businesses to relocate here, there are no jobs so people cannot move from being poor to the middle class.

Then there is the issue of blight. My City Council does not have the backbone to do anything about this. Why?

I would hope the first task that Mr. Palazzo would do would be to meet with the anti-Business Improvement District people. I believe that Councilman Richard Enea is showing his true colors by saying BID should go away.

There should be some type of business group in our downtown area. I have not seen Richard Enea coming forth with any ideas.

People who shop or use services downtown should have a say, too. That's the real Del Norte way. I would hope some people would realize this, too.

Richard Miles

Crescent City

Saddened that people don't know how to display the flag

I was thrilled with the turnout for our Fourth of July parade this

year. You might say that Mother Nature smiled, or should I say beamed

,on us.

As always, it is thrilling to see the surge of patriotism caused by

the parade, and the fireworks. It happens every holiday, and I am sure

it will happen again on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Nothing wrong with

that. We all need a "kick start" now and then.

I would ask that before then, you publish something on flag protocol.

It saddens me that people love our country and our flag, but don't

know, or care, how to display it. (I say "or care" because very often if

I say something to a store owner or employee, I usually get a shrug in


For instance, that the blue field is always at the top of the pole,

whether the pole is vertical or horizontal. That when displayed on a

wall, or hung from an eave, that blue field is in the upper left corner.

Only on the coffin of a veteran is the blue field seen on the right,

over the veteran's heart. And never fly the flag upside down - no

matter what your political beliefs!

I learned this in elementary school. I guess they don't bother any

longer. Do they still teach it in Scouts? I have to wonder.

Virginia Walworth

Crescent City