Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Jaramillo made ultimate sacrifice a father can in trying to save son

Regarding the Smith River drowning July 4, all fathers know in their heart that it does not get more heroic than what Eduardo Jaramillo died for - the maximum effort to save his young son's life.

The ultimate sacrifice, though tragic, is a great legacy of love to his son.

L.J. Carlson

Crescent City

Our Klamath fire volunteers need funding increase to do proper job

The Klamath fire volunteers take time out of their day to train and

to go on emergency calls, many times in their own vehicles and yet do

not get paid or compensated for their time or gas, (that takes real

dedication and a great love to commit to such a worthy cause, our


The Klamath Fire Protection District is asking for a $36 per unit,

per year increase on the benefit assessment. The money received does not

go into anyone's pocket; it is strictly managed by the County of Del

Norte. It has been $24 for the past 21 years, and it has become a

challenge if not impossible to pay the necessary bills without going

into the next year's budget.

The benefit assessment provides resources for fire protection and

medical services for Klamath. The fire and medical equipment is

extremely expensive. Training for a volunteer from the basics to become a

first responder/firefighter to the advanced life support paramedic cost

anywhere from $125 to $3,000 each and needs to be renewed every few


The protective clothing that is needed cost over $3,500 per person,

and annual physicals are $225. Special tools are needed for the

different scenarios a firefighter may encounter to fight structural

fires, wildfires, vehicle fires, over-the-bank and road accidents.

Medical supplies are used on almost all calls and many items need to be

replaced per call. The cost of a new fire truck is easily over $200,000.

Our Klamath fire volunteers assist (day or night) in a time of

personal tragedy. If you want your Fire Department to be properly

equipped and trained, to help protect us here in Klamath, then vote

"yes" on your ballot! It is your Fire Department; the increase will

benefit us all.

Lt. Linda Witvoet

Klamath Fire Protection District and parcel owner

Men so desperate they will starve themselves surely have a reason

Regarding the hunger strike at Pelican Bay: Can people be so cruel

that they can't put their minds around how desperate some men can be to

starve themselves to protest their prison conditions?

If a man is that desperate, who will listen out here? I think

somebody said one time, "Visit the sick and the imprisoned."

I think that citizens of the United States who have made mistakes,

made some awful mistakes, still can deserve some dignity and health.

They are still alive and not even on Death Row. They are human beings,

American men, not just puppies in a puppy mill.

Virginia Streitberger

Crescent City