Del Norte Triplicate Readers

There is mental-hold procedure available in Del Norte County

In regards to the letter of July 22, "D.A. must ask arresting deputies why suicide victim was jailed," Joseph Villa states that he held a seat on this county's mental health commission and that there are no facilities to hold psychiatric patients.

Well, that is simply not true. Sutter Coast Emergency Room holds suicidal patients until a mental health specialist comes to the ER to assess the patient and determine if the person needs further treatment. If the patient needs further or more intense treatment, then they are sent to another facility for that type of treatment. This protocol has been structured this way for more than five years.

As for the comment regarding the District Attorney's Office, I am confident that the DA's Office knows how to do its job, and it does a very good job at that.

Wilma Wright

Crescent City

Despite doubts at first, thinks county made right choice in DA

Thank you for Jon Alexander's July 26 Coastal Voices piece, "Walking

for each other." I was so glad to read it since I missed the Luminaria

procession walk that we normally do each year at Relay for Life.

It brought tears to my eyes, and it also gave me another insight to

our new district attorney. I did not know Jon before, so I didn't know

what to believe with all the stories pro and con for so many years.

I introduced myself to him at a Farmers Market a few Saturdays ago,

and related to him about a small event that made me more interested in

who he really was. I was playing tennis in Hiouchi one morning when Jon

and the Drug Task Force showed up close enough for me to see what was

going on. He was running down some drug dealers. It was very

interesting. I had never witnessed this sort of thing before.

What was more interesting were the comments of my three partners that

I was playing with. All three had good stories to tell about Jon

Alexander. All different, but all positive.

I have to admit I had been dubious about his election, but since then

I have seen many good stories and think that Del Norte County made the

right choice.

Thanks for sharing, Jon.

Mimi Stephens


If homosexuality is natural then why doesn't it procreate?

I'm responding to Dale Bohling's July 21 Coastal Voices piece,

"Gay-history bill an affront." The article he wrote is correct; however,

there is more to say on this subject.

Liberals are not satisfied taking over the responsibilities of

parents in teaching reproductive activity. Now they want to promote any

perverted lifestyle.

While I realize some people seem to have a bent toward same-gender

sexual activity, that does not mean it is right or natural. In nature,

magnets of the same polarity repel each other while opposite polarities


Animals have more sense than people; they mate with the opposite

gender. Just a cursory glance at the differences between males and

females very plainly shows that neither gender has the natural ability

to have intercourse with another person of the same gender.

Every part of the human anatomy has a specific function: eyes see,

the nose smells and intakes/exhales oxygen/CO2 and the mouth takes in

nutrients and verbalizes our thoughts.

The main reason for sexual activity is reproduction. Males cannot

reproduce children with another male, therefore any sexual activity

between them is unnatural and may transmit STDs. Females cannot mate

with another female; again, any sexual contact is unnatural.

Why do the Democrats believe we need to know a person's sexual

preference in order to learn what that person contributed to society?

Why not include heterosexuals on that list? What will be cut out of

social studies to make room for this "important" study? Whatever

happened to learning history for history's sake?

If one would place lesbians on one island, homosexuals on a second

island and heterosexuals on a third island, each stocked with

essentials for living there for 100 years, if you went back to each

island at the end of 100 years, which island would still be populated?

Marlowe Thompson

Crescent City

Here's to local college student who made choir camp happen

Applause to Winona Hendrick for putting together another Summer Youth

Choir Camp for a two-week session for students fifth through eighth


With all the cutbacks in the schools, students arriving at the high

school have limited, if any, music background, so last year, as a

freshman student at San Francisco, Winona decided to do all the

footwork to get the money for such a camp, held at the high school with

district music teachers.

Under the mantle of the Lighthouse Repertory Theatre, she obtained

funds from local donors and community group; she also had support from

local volunteers, like her parents, Jill Dovre and Kevin Hendrick. It's

so refreshing to see someone who doesn't just complain about a lack, but

who goes out to make a difference.

The American way is to find a way!

Calie Martin

Crescent City

Klamath Fire District should go for smaller tax increase for now

Regarding the July 16 article "Upset about anonymous letter critical

of the Klamath Fire District," Richard Wendt should have read the letter

and ballot again. Both state our increase from the current $24 to $60,

which when I went to school was an increase of $36 and one and a half

times the current rate.

I'm not saying the increase isn't needed; it is, but not so much at

one time in this time of extreme financial struggle with so many people

out of work. Money is tight for everyone.

Use the theory of cooking the frog. Throw him in the hot pot, and

he's going to jump out. Put him in a cold pot and increase the heat:

cooked frog.

And by the way, not voting is being considered a "yes" vote for all

property owners. So be sure to vote.

Nancy Cavanaugh


Anthony case: Why continue to swear in repeat witnesses?

Now that the Casey Anthony trial is over - and I watched it from day

one - I would like to point something out.

Throughout the extent of the trial, each and every witness was sworn

in to tell the truth, whether for one or multiple questions. They were

then called to testify again, sometimes numerously, and every time they

were sworn in again.

Each and every one of these witnesses previously gave sworn

depositions, therefore, they were sworn in at that time.

It's a waste of taxpayers' time and money to swear them in again.

Not only that, but it was obviously clear from watching the trial

that they lie anyway.

Jill Bausch

Crescent City