Richard Wiens, The Triplicate

It's an economic reality that communities our size generally don't have daily newspapers anymore. Some have weeklies, others twice-weeklies. Some have nothing at all.

That said, you should know that the folks here at Third and H have loved the mad scramble of producing five editions per week.

The Daily Triplicate announced in Friday's edition that it will convert to a three-times-a-week publication schedule starting Oct. 4.

It's not that Del Norte doesn't produce enough news for a daily. We have all the small-town politics and intrigue you'd expect to find anywhere, plus all the extras that come with our spectacular surroundings: vast expanses of redwoods and other public lands, a still-vibrant fishing industry operating out of a tsunami-prone harbor, and marine environmental issues stemming from that big body of water we back up to. Throw in a massive state prison to boot.

Is the news staff big enough to reasonably handle the load? Yes, but

there's one of the rubs. It is a scramble - albeit a fun one - to

produce five complete news packages a week with our resources. With the

three-a-week schedule starting in October, we can spend a little less

time on the nightly page-production side, and a little more time on

local news coverage. What we'll lose in timeliness, we'll more than make

up for in more thorough reporting.

There are times when feeding the daily beast with a limited food

supply results in the printing of articles that could use more


Exactly how our expanded coverage will be packaged is something we'll

be working on in the weeks to come. Think of it this way: Our Saturday

edition is currently our biggest, but what you'll be reading in October

will seem more like three Saturday editions every week.

The bottom line is that while the new schedule probably makes more

sense in terms of local news coverage, it definitely makes more sense

economically. If we do this right - and we will - we'll deliver a better

product with a more efficient operation. And that's the way you survive

and thrive in the newspaper business of the new millennium.

We take seriously our role as the only comprehensive source of Del

Norte news. Pardon us for disrupting the routine. We'll make it worth

your while.