Del Norte Triplicate Readers

In defense of op-ed decrying teaching gay history in Calif.

It behooves me to extend the courtesy of a reply to two writers that critiqued my recent Coastal Voices article, "Gay-history bill an affront.

The reaction of Carla Critz ("Bohling incorrect to say majority does not accept homosexuality," July 27) to my article was one of bemused cynicism. She viewed my reactions to SB48 as fearful and frustrated at finding myself increasingly in the minority with a diminishing comfort zone owing to conspiracies of those who disagree with me.

I do find the machinations of the radical homosexual agenda alarming and threatening to our society. However, her assertion that I insisted that my attitude about homosexuality is shared by a majority is simply untrue. I never stated that and it's a moot point anyway. Moral turpitude is not decided by the crunching of numbers but by the baseness of the activity vis a vis the laws of nature.

Robin Shelley, the other critic ("Bohling's challenge totally

inappropriate for family paper," July 27) is to be congratulated for her

persistence with wading through what she describes as homophobic rant.

Ironically, here is an instance where a word is at once right and wrong.

Wrong, in that I do not fear homosexuality, and correct in my aversion

to it. It is in this letter where the caveat I presented in my Coastal

Voices piece (that critics be prepared to discuss what homosexuals do)

is clarified. Ms. Shelley expresses the notion that my suggestion is

inappropriate for a family paper however, she betrays a contradiction in

that she implicitly approves California textbooks be changed to present

homosexuals for role models for California children.

Since the paper would not print such an expose nor would I write it, I

will refer her and other cynic/skeptics to the writings of Dr. David

Cameron for the Family Research Institute ( for

the repugnant


Dale L.Bohling

Crescent City

Homosexual curriculum has no place in Kandndash;12 schools

Dale Bohling's July 21 Coastal Voices piece, "Gay-history bill an

affront," is right on. Indeed, I agree with Mr. Bohling's thesis that

this curriculum has no place in California schools

It concerns me that letter writer Carla Critz ("Bohling incorrect to

say majority does not accept homosexuality," July 27) thinks the

majority of voters in California think the homosexual lifestyle and by

extension, same-sex marriage, is held by the majority of most

Californians. Not true, Ms Critz. I remind you that Prop. 8, which

defines marriage as between a man and a woman, was passed by the voters.

It was only an activist and extremely liberal judiciary currently

challenging Prop. 8 for its perceived unconstitutionality.

And to letter writer Robin Shelly ("Bohling's challenge totally

inappropriate for family paper," July 27), open honest discussion is

what our democracy was founded upon. The Triplicate prints both sides of

any controversial issue. Your condemnation of Mr. Bohling's commentary

is inappropriate, devoid of tolerance, and undemocratic.

Indeed there are several liberal state legislatures, examples like

New York, Vermont and the District of Columbia, that have succumbed to

the constant harangue of the militant homosexual minority. To my

knowledge there has been no voter proposition in any state that has

endorsed same-sex marriage and homosexual curricula in the schools.

Homosexual curriculum has no place in K-12 schools.

Our schools should be more concerned with the vast ocean of young

people who "graduate" high school who cannot read or write and cannot

pass at 50 percent an eighth grade CAHSEE test, rather than learning

about who was Harvey Milk.

Roger Gitlin

Crescent City

Teaching about people is not the same as promoting what they do

This is in response to Marlowe Thompson's July 28 letter ("If

homosexuality is natural then why doesn't it procreate?"). I was unaware

that teaching something is actually promoting it.

All throughout my education, I had no idea that things like slavery,

war, murder and other things

of that nature were actually being promoted to

me. Then you imply that animals don't engage

in non-hetero relations. That's false. Any easily done research shows

a large amount of animals

and insects that do in fact have homosexual tendencies.

Maybe to you, the main reason for sexual activity is reproduction,

and that's fine. But it's not the same for everyone else. And you claim

that sex between two males can transmit STDs. While true, I suggest you

go to the doctor and get some information, as STDs can also be passed

between heterosexual sex.

Look, teachings about homosexual figures in history is not wrong.

There is a difference between thinking something is wrong, and trying to

make sure that nobody can do it. My bisexual and homosexual friends are

just as nice, caring, and friendly as my hetero friends.

Why are you so afraid of people hearing the contributions of

homosexuals? Do you think it's going to "create" more homosexuals?

I say, let people live their own lives without fear and intolerance

of others.

Josh Glazner

Crescent City

Thankful we're moving away from sense of heterosexual superiority

I am writing in response to Marlowe Thompsons July 28 letter ("If

homosexuality is natural then why doesn't it procreate?"). I am not

going to debate him, because it is pointless. People who have this

medieval sentiment toward homosexuality never change their minds.

I simply want to say that I am thankful that my generation (and

others in previous generations as well) are moving away from feelings of

heterosexual superiority.

You should be thankful that some people aren't reproducing,

considering the population of the world continues to soar and there are

so many children who need to be adopted.

Stacey Jochimsen

Eugene, Ore.

God gave gift of sex to preserve race; homosexuality a perversion

Thank you to Dale Bohling ("Gay-history bill an affront," Coastal

Voices, July 21) for trying to wake up the parents to what Gov. Jerry

Brown and the Democratic Legislature are forcing on our children.

There is a God and creator of the universe. He made man and woman as

he did and gave them the gift of sex for the preservation and

continuation of the human race. Our children are being separated from

God's rules, their parents' control and any critical thinking regarding

their choices in life.

The liberals are molding them into little pot-smoking robots to be

led into a life where nothing counts but themselves. People can call us

homophobes or any other vile terms they want, but the truth is

homosexuality perverts God's laws and the natural laws of sexuality and

no amount of denial will change that.

Do you know what your kids are going to be taught in fifth grade

regarding sex, including all the graphic details of homosexual behavior?

Shame on us for allowing this to happen.

Lilyan Wood

Crescent City