Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Chamber of Commerce hurting the county's tourism revenue

Our county is a major tourist county. We need and depend on those revenues.

The Chamber of Commerce is and has slowly depleted those revenues. How?

1) The Fourth of July is now worthless to see! Every year it gets worse. There's less and less to see and do.

2) We don't have a kite show. It's held in Brookings.

3) The Sea Cruise Car Show! Every year they're hassled and less and less classic cars are showing up.

The Chamber of Commerce complains that there are no funds. Gee, I wonder why!

Fourth of July, the kite show and the Sea Cruise Car Show are all major resources of revenue.

The Chamber of Commerce needs to wake up!

Jill Bausch

Crescent City

Thanks to CCC for wonderful extension work on Kelsey Trail

We visit the Jedediah Smith Park and Smith River watershed often and

would like to thank the California Conservation Corps and others

involved in the wonderful extension to the Kelsey Trail, where we found

access just east of Boulder Creek.

We found this trail section recently on a June visit to the Smith

River National Recreation Area and thoroughly enjoyed our hiking

experience there!

The trail offered river views, large and numerous rhododendrons and

azaleas with moderate climbing. The trail crews had everyone in mind and

built an excellent trail. Thanks to them.

Since we found this trail almost by accident, it may be useful to

make sure local visitor centers provide information about the trailhead

location. Signage could be improved, too. However, the trail appears to

be relatively new, which may explain some of this.

The Kelsey extension is definitely a nice recreational opportunity

and amenity that others should be pleased to discover!

Warren and Janis Watkins


Details on meeting, vote to up assessments for fire district

Regarding the July 28 letter, "Klamath Fire District should go for

smaller tax increase for now," Nancy Cavanaugh's math is correct, and

yes it is hard times for all, and yes an increase is needed.

I would like to make it clear that you must vote for your vote to

count. Not voting is not considered a no vote, nor is it considered a

yes vote, it simply is not counted.

The board will not impose the proposed assessment increase if, upon

completion of the vote tabulation, a majority protest exits. A majority

protest exists if the number of ballots submitted in opposition to the

proposed assessment increase exceeds the ballots submitted in favor of

the proposed assessment increase.

This is part of the Government Code 53753.5 and it was stated in the


mailed out to all qualified parcel owners (parcels that have a structure

on them).

The Public Hearing date is Aug. 22 at the Klamath Community Center,

219 Salmon Ave., Klamath, at 6 p.m., where interested persons shall be

permitted to present written or oral testimony. Depending on the number

of people at the hearing, your time could be limited to three minutes.

We know there are more concerns and we would like to have the

opportunity to address them.

Thank you for your support.

Lt. Linda Witvoet

Klamath Fire Protection District

Klamath parcel owner