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Demolishing 'port in the storm' doesn't strike me as progress

Looking out my office window I have to wonder if this is progress. A truck is backed up to the covered walkway at Tsunami Landing. The demolition has started.

Spending five days a week here, I have a very different point of view on the structure. I see the homeless and retirees relax and sit on a bench to watch the fountain and enjoy the outdoors with a protective cover over their head

I see employees take smoke breaks under the covered walkway. I watch people eat lunch and enjoy conversations while sitting and relaxing on a bench. Tourists often stop here after checking their emails at the library.

This has been a "port in the storm" for many who wish to get some fresh air on a rainy day. It's a place to enjoy a little outdoor time without getting soaked. The activity is continuous. I have come to know some of the frequent consumers of the area and they are mostly delightful.

If you live in nice comfortable home this may be somewhere unworthy

of your time, but to those on fixed incomes in tiny retirement

apartments this has been their backyard, a place to relax and enjoy.

For those who use it, the Tsunami Landing covered walkway is a

destination, not an eyesore.

Was the covered walkway in need of repair or update? Of course it

was, as is much of our town. But to remove a spot that has this much

activity and is enjoyed by so many is sad. I am here daily and no one

from the City Council came into this office to discuss the covered

walkway with employees in our building. I haven't seen any of them spend

an afternoon sitting here speaking with frequent visitors.

In a town where we have so much rain isn't "a port in the storm" a

good thing? Will the new and improved Tsunami Landing area bring in more

people? Not in bad weather.

Was this meant to remove the homeless from the Tsunami Landing area?

Well if it was, it will also remove the tourists and retirees as well as

clients and customers of some of the few remaining businesses.

An area protected from wind by buildings with a covered walkway and a

fountain was a good idea when it was built. It is still a good idea,

one that is being dismantled today.

Debbie Herman

Crescent City

For 20 years I've been grateful for Tsunami Landing in winter

I've lived here in Crescent City for nearly 20 years and I've used

the walkway a lot in the wintertime. It's the only escape from the

weather. Tearing it down is not a good thing.

They're in a big hurry to tear down the covered walkway, and for

what? Why don't they build a walkway for us first? Maybe people will

have a better attitude about it. They should be able to figure out how

to build a new walkway with a cover.

We should be building this town up, not tearing it down.

Suzanne Littlefair

Crescent City